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Yellow-Yellow, From Bright to Mellow … And More!

Nothing screams summer more than yellow. It’s a lively color that exudes playfulness, cheeriness, and energy – just the things you want your home to have. But are you worried that yellow might make your home look too bright? Or, worse, jaundiced?

Fret not! This color may not be the one-size-fits-all solution to your Home Decor needs, but if you pick correctly, it can create a lasting impression and give your home decor a unique spin.

Here are a few ways to brighten up your home with this zesty color-

Paint It On

The first and the obvious choice is to, of course, paint your walls yellow. But since it’s one of the most vivid colors in the spectrum, most people are naturally a bit scared, not to mention confused, when it comes to picking a shade for their room.

Well, let us tell you right away that bright yellow on all four walls is probably a big no-no, but it works really well as an accent wall. Warm, tropical yellows are a good choice if you have neutral furnishings, whereas juicy melon-yellow is for people who want to give the living space a nice, peppy kick. Light yellow works well for small rooms, brightening them up without overwhelming the senses. On the other hand, large rooms would really be able to carry off a nice deep shade of golden yellow.

The point is … no matter what kind of look you want or what size room you’re looking to decorate, there’s a yellow out there for you. You just have to be patient and look through the color palette and speak to your interior designer to discover it.

Yellow Sophistication

If yellow walls are too bold for you or you simply don’t want to get into the hassle of an extensive paint job, bring in some yellow furniture. Place a yellow chaise lounge couch against a grey or dark blue backdrop in the living room. To make the mundane a bit more interesting, bring in a yellow TV console for your media room and let it play against the sleek black frame of your gadgets. If your kitchen receives a lot of sunlight you could consider going in for butter yellow woodwork across space.

Once you start exploring the possibilities, you’ll be surprised how well the color works itself into the furniture and how well that furniture works itself into your home!

Hello, Yellow

Choosing furniture too much effort? Well then, just pick up some accessories in this lovely color and bring them home. Add some bright yellow photo frames or a mustard yellow lampshade to your living room. Floral arrangements are also a quick way to spice up the room and if you want to save yourself some more trouble, just pick up a bold yellow vase.

Get some yellow bedspreads and pillow covers for your bedroom or yellow curtains for the breakfast corner by the bay window. You could even bring in some yellow pots and pans for your kitchen or hang up some yellow artwork in the bathroom. After all, why should bathrooms be kept away from the cheerful personality of this color?

When working with yellow, it’s important to have a color palette to guide. This will help you from going overboard while giving you the kind of look you want. There are many colors that look stunning with yellow, like bold blue, green, pastel pink, dark grey. Even black can create a dramatic pairing with this sunny color when used well. So, speak to your designer, find out what color combination works best for you and put aside your inhibitions to invite all things yellow home!


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