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Worth His Metal

From tiny teapots that perch on silver waves, to delicate perfume bottles combining silver and hand-blown glass, Irishman Kevin O’ Dwyer has fashioned incredible works of silver art for over 3 decades. His plays of metal have been displayed in over 40 museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and Ulster Museum in Belfast, and he was commissioned to create a presentation piece for Bill Clinton as well as several gifts for Nelson Mandela and the Kings of Sweden and Spain.


The designer claims that tea and coffee pots are important social tools for meeting friends, family and so on, so he accordingly designed his silverware to engage the server and participant aesthetically.

His soft, swirling ribbons and curling spirals propped on fat pots – especially from the ‘Rocking’ Teapot and ‘Party’ series are enticing and charming. In sheer contrast with his Architectural collection, which sports sharp angles and modernist architectural influences.

O’Dwyer has married his metal with ebony wood and rosewood for handles and trays as well as Kilkenny limestone, a tricky material to sculpt and shape. His 2010 collection also features carved handles constructed from a 4000-year old bog yew.


His celebrated tea and coffee services that can range anywhere from $20,000 – $85,000, and are fashioned from 92.5 per cent sterling silver, can on an average take at least 150 man hours to complete although he has spent over 250 man hours on certain sets.

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