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Wine & Winters: A Match Made in Connoisseur Heaven

Winters are almost upon us and what better time to throw a wine tasting at home than now? Some good friends, cheese and crackers, good music, and of course, the choicest selection of wines … Ah, doesn’t that sound like the perfect antidote to the chilly afternoons and grey skies of the winter months!

Here’s how to host a spectacular wine tasting. Right from the wines to the food to the décor, we will help you be remembered as the host extraordinaire.


What Wines Should You Serve?

Wine and Winters

Since, this soiree is being hosted in the honor of wine, picking the wines to be served is the most has to step. They’re a couple of ways to do this – you can get a variety of whites, reds, and rosés, or you could pick a few of the same color to enjoy their varying complexities, or you could ask each guest to get their favorite bottle along, kind of like a wine potluck.

Either way, when it comes to whites, you will want to work your way from the driest to the sweetest; and for the reds, from the lightest to the more full-bodied ones. If you’re planning to keep some of everything, make sure you start with the lightest whites, then move to the rosé, and end with the reds. This way none of the wines gets overshadowed and your guests get to experience them all fully.


How Should You Serve them?

Wine and Winters

Wines call for wine glasses and we consider wine glasses to be something of a celebration. We love golden wine goblets as they’re a step up from traditional wine glasses and really add that extra zing to your celebration. But, if you want to keep it classic, have an assortment of white and red wine glasses handy so that you’re never in a bind while switching between different wines.


What Should You Serve With the Wine?

Wine and Winters

A wine glass in one hand and in the other? Well, cheese, of course. Since pairing wine and cheese can be a daunting task, here is your beginner’s guide to cheesing it up just right.

Prosecco and Parmesan is a great pairing, so is perfectly aged Gouda with Cabernet Sauvignon or a slice of Gruyere with some Chardonnay. If you like a nice glass of Riesling, we suggest pairing it with Ricotta and Malbec with Aged Cheddar. To go with your cheese, have a spread of plain crackers and sliced baguettes. (Pro tip: Crackers are a brilliant way of cleansing your palate after each wine).

Moving away from cheese, dark chocolate and fruit make for a delicious post-wine dessert, and it’s (relatively) guilt-free too!


How Should You Set Up For The Party?

Wine and Winters

The word ambiance may be overused, but it can never be overstated. The right ambiance is essential and with a few key elements, you can get your house ready for a wine tasting with style.

If you’re going with a wine theme, why not go all out? Go with some cushion covers to jazz up space you’ll be entertaining in. This’ll look especially nice if your current upholstery is in neutral colors. You can even opt for reds that’ll complement, instead of clashing with, more brightly colored or patterned upholstery. If you can’t incorporate it in cushions, bring the red to your table with lovely velvet tablecloths, mats, or runners. Pair these up with some silver tableware and a vase in the center with deep red roses for a truly royal look!

Now that you’ve got the wine, the cheese, the glasses, and the décor, all you need is some music to set the spirits rising (pun intended!) and get the conversations started. Let the wines flow freely, keep the snacks coming and you’re guaranteed to have an evening to remember!


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