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5 Tips to Organize a Classy Wine Tasting Affaire at Home

Wine tasting needn’t be restricted to five-star hotels or expensive banquet halls. It’s possible to host it at home too. Not only is it a classy and fun affair, but it also gives you a welcome break from get-togethers organized around beer, nachos, chicken tikka, and fish fingers.

If you are willing to try something new, follow these tips closely to organize a wine tasting event that will be talked about for a long time in your friend circle.

1. Choose a Theme –

Having a good theme is important for the success of your party. You could have wines from a specific winemaker, stick to specific geographical regions or classify according to the type of wine, such as reds, whites, dessert wines, or sparkling wines. There are no specific do’s and don’ts in this regard. Go with whatever works best for you.


2. Pick out the food –

No food is served when you’re tasting the wine except for crackers or bread, which are used to clean the palette. So, you should serve something either before or after the tasting. If you don’t want anything too elaborate, you could offer only appetizers and desserts. However, there should be some food so as to absorb the alcohol and keep your friends from getting wine drunk. Some foods that pair well with wine are cheese, chocolate, pear salad, fruit compote, and flan.

3. Stock up on supplies –

Apart from long-stemmed wine glasses, there are a few other things you need to have to make sure the party goes on uninterrupted. Here’s a handy list of the things you will need:

  • Corkscrews

  • Wine opener

  • Decanter

  • An ice bucket

  • A spittoon

  • White napkins or tablecloth

  • Iced water

  • Cups and pitcher

  • Ice water


4. Settle on the time –

Wine tasting can be organized all around the year, but if you want to keep it thematic, white wines are good for summers while red wines are best reserved for winters. As far as the time of the day is concerned, if you are planning to serve light snacks, it’s better to invite your friends in the afternoon, at around 4 o’clock, or late evening, at around 9 o’clock

5. Keep everything out –

While you may be leading the process of wine tasting, it’s important to let your guests help themselves too. Keeping that in mind, put everything – the wine, crackers, glasses, water, spittoons, paper cups, and napkins – on the table. Let your friends walk around, pick out what they want. This will keep you hands-free and allow you to enjoy the occasion just as much as your friends

Wine tasting is an elegant affair. It does take some effort to organize one, but once your friends leave all praises and looking forward to the next event, you won’t be able to stop that smile from lighting up your whole face.

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