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Whisk your Partner Away on a Romantic Getaway

Romance is in the air and those who can are flying off to destinations that have epitomized love for decades. The usual picks are France, Italy, Florence, Switzerland, Greece. But why don’t you consider something different this year? How about you explore a different destination with your soulmate and rediscover love doing something slightly offbeat?

 Bali, Indonesia


The picturesque beauty of this island has been beckoning travelers from far and wide. Beaches are undoubtedly their biggest attractions, but if you want to ditch the more popular ones in southern Bali, head towards the quieter and more exclusive Echo Beach in Seminyak. Other places worth checking out are Tanah Lot – a 15th-century temple located on a rock formation in the sea, and Gitgit – cascading waterfalls that are just as stunning as they are mesmerizing.

Brugge, Belgium


If your heart is set on traveling to Europe this year, why not consider the fairytale town of Brugge instead of the other hotspots that are generally crowded. The little town has cobblestone streets decked with quaint houses and establishments on either side. Just a walk down the lanes ought to be romantic enough, but for a little more flair, you could clamber onto a horse-drawn carriage and ride to the Beguinage monastery or glide down the canals in a boat. It promises to be a trip like no other.



Yet another island makes its way to our list and it’s none other than the most scenic of all archipelagos – Maldives. If you want to up your game and take the romantic element several notches higher, book yourself a nice bungalow overlooking the sea, which will let you claim the white sands, glistening waters, and starry sky all to yourself!

Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul has a very ‘Arabian nights’ vibe to it, what with its winding streets, towering minarets, and intricate mosaics. At the same time, it also has several Western-style restaurants, hotels, and shops, making this destination the perfect blend between the east and the west. Soak up Istanbul’s art and architecture or walk through its famous rose gardens. Either way, you’re going to come away super-impressed.

Majorca, Spain

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Known to be a favorite with Hollywood celebrities, Majorca beckons you with golden beaches and brilliant blue coastline. Check into a lovely boutique hotel, sign out from the rest of the world and you and your partner can sample the lifestyle of the rich and famous.


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