Vertical Gardens – The Latest Fashion Trend in Green Revolution

Vertical Gardens – The Latest Fashion Trend in Green Revolution

Modern life affords us several amenities, but the one thing that is at a premium these days is space. Palatial houses have given way to multistory apartments, and now it looks like gardens are also all set to go vertical. That’s right; we’re talking about vertical gardens.


A vertical garden is a modern solution for those who have a love for all things flowery and leafy, but not, perhaps, the space to flex their green thumb. Innovative and beautiful, vertical gardens are increasing in popularity and being adopted with enthusiasm by nature lovers.

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The concept of creating a vertical garden is pretty straightforward. Instead of laying out the plants in a row on the ground, they are decorated vertically on the wall. You can choose to have flowers, herbs, green leafy plants, and succulents, or a combination of all of them. Nails, metal grommets, and screws attach the plants to the wall. Once they’ve been secured in this manner, you have little else to do except water and trim them.


There are lots of advantages of growing a vertical garden. Some of them are the same ones you’d associate with having a green space in your home. They add aesthetic value to your home, refresh your mind and body with their earthy fragrance, and act as natural filters to purify the air around you.


However, the most important benefit of vertical gardens is that it helps to maximize the potential of whatever limited space you have available to you. Also, by creating a small patch of greenery, you are able to reduce the harshness of concrete buildings and the stark landscape typically associated with an urban environment.


So, don’t be put off if you don’t have the space for the sprawling garden you’ve always wanted. With a little bit of planning and imagination, vertical gardens can be a delightful addition to the house and a sight for sore eyes!

Image Courtesy: Patrick Blanc,  Anton Biytse, Denise Eichmann

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