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Valentine’s for Him & Her: Gifts that Win Hearts!

Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner. It’s that time of the year when we experience not just butterflies in our stomach (because of romance!) but also a certain amount of trepidation that’s commonly associated with having to choose gifts for the one that rules our hearts.

Even though love knows no language, the right gift on such a romantic occasion speaks volumes. What do we give them? How do we wow them? How do we tell them what they mean to us? These and more are questions that race through our mind as we focus on keeping everything picture perfect.

But worry not, because we have your back and an extensive catalog of gifts that are sure to delight your significant other.

Gifts for Him

Knight & King Chess Bookends

valentine gifts for him

Look how powerful these stunning grey stone ceramic bookends look! There’s no way anyone can be immune to their style or the presence they have. An appealing gift for any occasion, a book lover is bound to flip over them almost immediately. Our recommendation? Pick them up before somebody else does!

Arizona Horn Mosaic Coasters

valentine gifts for him

Love reflects in the tiny things that you do for them and style peers through the small decor accents you pick up for your home or office. Take these coasters with a decidedly Wild Wild West influence, for example. Simple, muted, yet rustic – it’s the perfect addition to your husband’s man cave.

Navajo Horn Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

If your boyfriend is the kind of person who likes to mix his own drinks (and impress you with interesting concoctions all the time), this cocktail shaker is the perfect addition to his home bar. Made from hammered stainless steel and inspired by the Navajo tribe native to America, this bar accessory is stunning in its craftsmanship and design.

Helsinki Black & Gold Table Lamp

valentine gifts for him

How often have you wondered if your boyfriend was thinking of you while he was at work? Well, now, you can be absolutely sure he is, with this table lamp that boasts of masculine form and elegance. Not only will it sit on his table and keep him company as he burns the midnight oil, but it will also be a constant reminder of your love and thoughtful gesture.

Gifts for Her

Opaline Milky White Votive

valentine gifts for her

Few things spell romance the way candlelight does. And few votives can create the magic that this one does. Imagine this – a table set for two and the golden glow of the candle’s flame reflected through the star-speckled milky translucence of this stunning votive, dimmed only by the sparkle in her eyes as she looks at you. Enough said, already.

Meenakari Coffee Mug

valentine gifts for her

Do you love the sight of her sitting in the balcony early in the morning, cradling a cup of tea or coffee in her hand? Then make these moments of quiet reflection even more special with this lovely coffee mug with intricate detailing, inlay work, and gem colors. A rarity, just like the woman you love.

Zer Gold Dinner Set

diwali decor hacks

If your wife loves playing the perfect hostess, this absolutely gorgeous dinner set is a no-brainer. Zer portrays the Golden era of art inspired from the iconic Taj Mahal art, this 24-carat dinner set is bound to get her innumerable compliments and earn you some gratitude as well!

Lazzaro Pleated Brown Large Glass Vase

Valentine gifts for her

Flowers are so romantic and they will look even more so when tastefully placed in this lovely vase. Re-imagined in this vase, Lazzaro is a modern choice with its linear design and a play of curved asymmetry. Make a bold decor decision with this stand-out vase making it unconventional arrangements, potpourri, terrariums and the like., but none as beautiful as the one who will receive this as a gift from you!

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