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Ultra Violet Wedding Details for the Pantone Obsessed

Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2018 and we’re loving its choice – UltraViolet. And with this, brides all over the world have a luscious new color to play with on their wedding day.

Using Ultra Violet in weddings is guaranteed to bring a whole new twist to the affair. Described as ‘inventive and imaginative’, this “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shadecommunicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking “.

However, this color is also slightly tricky. Too much, and it ends up looking tacky; too little, and it fails to make an impact. Here are some ideas that should help you pull off this color with panache.

Wedding Invitations

The best way to kick off your fascination with UltraViolet is to use it in invitation cards. The cosmic stardust theme also looks really stunning, but the watercolor style that blends the trending color with other shades like lavender and grape is especially popular among couples.

If you’re the kind that likes subtle touches, choose the classic white paper and have the calligrapher use Ultra Violet ink for the text. Or you could go with simple motifs like flowers, petals, and ferns in the Pantone color and set it against a contrasting background.



Flowers give you the perfect excuse to go to town on the Ultra-Violet theme. From cascading centerpieces and elaborate wreaths to tastefully selected neutral blooms placed in tiny violet vases and everything in between, there’s plenty you can do with this beautiful color. You could also have a spectacular flower wall decorated with different shades of purple. Your guests will love this photo op and won’t be able to resist taking selfies in front of it.

For the bride, we love the idea of a bold bouquet with a heady mix of UltraViolet flowers paired with rich plums and pale lilac blossoms for that lovely monochrome look. If you think that’s a bit of an overkill, stick to neutral flowers and throw in a few stems of deep purple orchids for a dramatic accent. And if you want to do something really interesting, you could ditch the veil for a floral headpiece. Very elegant and fairy-like, don’t you think?

Cutlery & Linen

Linens are a great way to dress up those boring old tables at the wedding ceremony. You can easily find table runners, tablecloths,  napkins, and tissues in Ultra Violet and other associated shades. However, don’t go overboard with this color. And certainly, avoid from having an all-out purple affair. Unless you’re careful, you could end up with a violet-colored disaster on your hands.


We would always err on the side of caution. Pick and choose a few elements for effect. For instance, something as simple as a purple ribbon tied around the cutlery or stem of your wine glass can have a big impact. Or you could place sprigs of lavender flowers on pristine white plates for that rustic yet sophisticated look. The traditional white and silver cutlery with UltraViolet wine and water glasses will also look really interesting.


There’s no denying that UltraViolet is a really regal color and there are so many things you can do with it on your wedding day. Invitation cards, wedding favors, decorations, food, drinks, even the cake can benefit from a dash of this Pantone color. But in what quantity you’ll have to decide. Just because it’s been announced the color of the year doesn’t mean you have to take a brush and paint everything top to bottom in UltraViolet. Sometimes, even the tiniest accent in an otherwise conventional ceremony can have a huge impact and create a memorable day for all to remember.


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