Trending Colors for 2019 - Which Ones Will Catch Your Fancy?

Trending Colors for 2019 – Which Ones Will Catch Your Fancy?

House Beautiful – a leading online magazine – recently asked 11 leading designers, including Sara Story and Alessandra Branca what colors and going to be trending next year. From blues to olive greens to bright patterns, their predictions were both surprising and interesting.

To begin with, blues seemed to be a hot favorite among all designers. Leading the ranks was Greek blue – a color that reminds you of the Mediterranean and churches in Santorini. They also thought that rich, glossy blue paired with white was a great way to give the classic look a modern twist.

Make your room pop with a dash of Greek blue

On a surprising note, it looks like the 60s are back even as shades like olive green and orange are all set to catch your fancy next year. Olive green, especially, is going to make a frequent appearance. This shade is warm and neutral and pairs well with most other colors really well.

Up next are the pastel palettes of the 80s. In a very ‘Monet meets Molly Ringwald’ fashion, muted palettes are spiced up with shocks of neon. Other colors that can comfortably be used with pastel palettes, including purples, flamingo pinks, orange, and aqua green.

As long as designers are looking into days gone by for inspiration, what’s to stop them from traveling to one of the most glorious phases in the history of mankind – the renaissance? Colors like cerulean blue, plums, greens, whites and beiges that are so common to paintings of this time are slated to make an appearance, or, shall we say, reappearance, in 2019.

Among the neutral colors, gray is definitely the most popular. It makes for a beautiful backdrop. Imagine soft gray walls with pale white ceilings and doors painted in a shade of dark charcoal. That would look so chic and elegant. On the other hand, you could opt for a more dynamic pairing by adding splashes of red, blue, green, orange, and brown to grey.

Now that you know of the colors and shades are going to make waves in 2019, it’s time to start decorating and prepare your home for the future.


Image Courtesy: House Beautiful, Decorators Best

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