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Off-White is One of The Trend Colors of 2016

Off-White is one of the Trend Colors of 2016. If you are getting ideas and inspirations to finish your next projects you have to see this interior ideas. From White Library in Stuttgart, Germany to minimalist modern white interiors with grand piano in The NHow Hotel in Berlin, also Germany. Just have a look and let white trend interiors inspire you.


Huge white interior design for a German library. The white color gives the sense of openess and wider floors. See how well would you feel studying or working here for hours.


Library entrance. The lack of decoration is obvious and give us the sense of a huge space.


What if you need to relax after several hours of hard work? Nothing better than a comfortable and cosy space like this. Velvet sofas and wool rugs.


Here you have another interior idea for your living room. See how great the fireplace look like. And all you need is a comfortable sofa and a beautiful rug.


Grey bedroom interior design with balcony and natural plants.


This looks like an art gallery. Amazing suspension lamp.


A more elegant space with a total white decoration.


Trend colors 2016: Even if you have a less classy living room, it does not mean that you cannot have it all in white.


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