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The Top 6 Gifts You Should Buy For Your Home in 2019

New Year brings on a wave of all things fresh, sparkling, and inviting. This is the time when we notice people taking to their home decoration projects with gusto. There’s just something about a brand new year that sends them into a gleeful spree to spruce things up.

So, in 2019, here are a few things we highly recommend buying for your home. After all, your palace, your abode, your safe haven also deserves a couple of gifts for the new year, right?

Personalized Art Work

There is no doubt that you already own lovely pieces of art, all of which are displayed proudly in your home. But is any of this art personalized and distinctive to you? We’re guessing not.

Find a promising young artist and get him to make you a personal work of art that has special significance to your life. Get a lithograph or an etching of your name mounted on driftwood. In fact, why don’t you go all out and have your portrait painted? That’s not the kind of artwork you’ll stumble upon just anywhere, right?

So, go ahead and be special, because personalized artwork is definitely a superb and unique addition to your home.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Equipment

Your kitchen obviously looks all bright and shiny, but it can always do with a brand new set of cooking pots and pans. Cast iron skillets are back with a bang and they look so good hanging on a wall. The other hot trend for kitchen accessories is clay pots. There are many colors and shapes and sizes to choose from. Pick something that goes well with your kitchen’s interiors and watches the space perk up.

While we are on the subject of looking at cooking a bit differently, how about upgrading your equipment to change the way you prepare your meals? Think Michelin star chefs and their recipes and you will be needing a sous vide machine. Get yourself one and experience surprising new flavors in your food. Beautiful and classy, you’ll find yourself enjoying cooking all over again.

Grills For a Perfect Barbecue Party

Healthy eating has always been important, but more so now with growing awareness about the harms of junk, greasy, and over fried food. The perfect solution to your healthy eating resolution is grilling. So, make space for a full-sized gas grill and barbecue set up in 2019. Not only is it great to grill your own meat and veggies, but it’s also good fun to prepare a meal communally. No more being confined to a kitchen space while the rest of your friends enjoy their drinks. Set up the party next to your outdoor grill and what a blast you could be having!

Wine Coolers for Connoisseurs

If you enjoy doing a lot of entertaining, and wine is your favorite poison, splurge on a wine cooler. They look so classy, sitting there discreetly and invitingly, lending a touch of elegance to your bar. Not only does it make a great impression, but it also saves you the trouble of having to walk to your fridge and extricate a wine bottle from among the fruits, vegetables, and other stuff kept there. Because, if you have to dine in style, why not wine in style as well?

Cheese Boards and Cheese Knives

When you speak of wine, can mention of cheese be far behind? This classic combination for the well-traveled is best served with the right accessories. Good cheese needs a lovely board to be set upon and an equally lovely knife to cut with. Check out our collection of cheese boards and knives. Apart from the usual classics, if you’re game for a little quirk, our Antler Cheese Board and Knife is sure to be your favorite accessory soon.

Decanter for your Whiskey and More

Every proud homeowner has a marvelous collection of glass, crystalware, water jugs, serving bowls, and platters. But what about your bar? Those stately high ball crystal glasses look sadly misrepresented when they have to stand next to a labeled bottle of a superb single malt. What you must get yourself and those poor crystals is a handsome decanter. Go for a simple yet statement piece like our Bijou Glass Decanter. Uniquely oblique, you will have a hard time stopping people from showering it with so much attention.

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