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magical garden party

If you have a beautiful garden at your disposal, your summer evenings are about to become a lot more fun! Gardens are full of potential and the perfect setting for all kinds of celebrations – from brunches to high teas to picnics to dinners.

Now, good food, great drinks and a whole of chatter are essential to the success of your garden party. But, if you want to do something extra special for your next gets together, keep these tips in mind.

1. Low Seating

Low seating is fun and inviting and gives the party an informal vibe. The best part is that it’s so easy to put together – a colorful carpet, some comfortable pillows, a low table decorated with lace doilies and flowers … and you’re done!

 2. Decorative Lights

Avoid extremely bright lights. None of your guests are going to be reading, are they? Instead, use soft lights to add warmth and coziness to the setting. Fairy lights are perfect for outdoor settings as are tea lights and candles strategically placed in holders around the garden. As the night progresses, your garden will turn into a veritable fairyland and your guests will have a hard time leaving when the party ends.

3. Floating Flowers

What’s summer without some fun with water. But not all water-related events need your guests to be dripping wet. Float some flowers in a bucket and place them around your garden. Nothing says magic like bright flowers floating around in the water.

4. The Garden Theme

Do something quirky. Use tiny plastic shovels to serve food. These cute little garden tools look so ridiculous and adorable at the same time that no one will be able to resist smiling. Watch as the stress and pain of a long day melt away, giving way to pleasant conversations and laughter and gaiety!

 5. The Picnic Menu

Garden parties are all about having fun in a no-fuss environment. So, skip the formal meal and serve food that you can eat without having to worry about table manners or fancy cutlery. Salads, finger snacks, croissants, sandwiches, pies, cupcakes, and, of course, ice creams would be ideal.

Now that you’ve got all that you need to make your garden party a success, just go ahead and enjoy yourself. You’re going to have a great time!

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