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The New Fall Colours From Pantone Are Just Gorgeous!

Twice a year, the wizards from Pantone gather at the New York Fashion Week and pull out of their hats a pallet of ten colours that are fated to rule the world of fashion over the coming season.

They’ve just released this year’s batch, and by jeez, aren’t they just gorgeous!

Pantone says the inspiration for this collection comes from a “desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism.” And because it’s a fall collection, you’ll get to see a lot of warm, mellow shades — such as mustard, gray and taupe.

Of course, it has its flashier reds, with bold reds and greens vying for attention. Overall, it’s a very well balanced set of shades and no matter what your preference, there’s something to enthral you within these ten colours.

 I. Riverside


This rich shade of blue is cool and strong, yet calm. It speaks the language of sophistication while still managing to be exciting and vibrant.

II. Airy Blue


This lovely color is light and easy on the eyes. Serene and peaceful, it evokes the feeling of being out under the moonlight. Designers should pair it with other colors in the palette, like Lush Meadow, Dusty Cedar or Taupe.

III. Sharkskin


Strong, bold, and edgy, this color is extremely contemporary. Despite its strong personality, this color retains its neutral quality and can be paired with most autumn colors.

IV. Aurora Red


Now, there’s a color you cannot take your eyes off! Aurora Red is warm and sensual, and yet dynamic. Unlike other shades of red, it’s neither harsh nor garish, but extremely easy on the eyes. And just look at the confidence it oozes. Don’t you love it!

V. Warm Taupe


Warm Taupe is hearty and pleasing and very approachable. It’s timeless, and evokes trust and a sense of being grounded. Owing to its neutral quality, it pairs well with all other colors of the Fall 2016 palette.

VI. Dusty Cedar


Dusty Cedar is the pink of Autumn-Winter 2016. Infused with rose tones, it doesn’t have the simplicity of regular pinks. This complexity sets it apart from the others, giving it a pleasing and welcoming vibe.

VII. Lush Meadow


This shade of green makes you think of large, open meadows and lush valleys. It is rich and elegant, and is bound to turn many a heads. That said, it’s a color that needs to be handled carefully, because it can be disastrous if not crafted well.

VIII. Spicy Mustard


Zesty Mustard is probably the most unusual color to make it to the Autumn-Winter 2016 color palette. However, there’s no denying its exotic and spicy quality. It is pleasantly shocking, yet uplifting, and will work well with both geometric and abstract designs.

IX. Potter’s Clay


A neutral, earthy cousin of orange, this shade is subtle and grounded. It boasts of strong foundation and real substance.

X. Bodacious


If you’re trying to make a statement, this is the color to go with. Versatile and vibrant, this somewhat unexpected shade is bright, rich and quite delicious!

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