Take A Truly Luxurious Soak in the Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

Take A Truly Luxurious Soak in the Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

Ever since Archimedes ran out of his relaxing soak, naked, shouting ‘Eureka!’, the bathtub has been considered the seat of inspiration. And though it doesn’t prompt the occasional brainwaves in us lesser mortals, sinking into a tub filled to the brim with warm water and body salts soothes our sore limbs and achy-achy muscles. And if perchance, there be candles and wine, life would be so much sweeter!

No doubt there are many others who share this sentiment. Some have gone so far as to take every step possible to ensure this experience is as luxurious as possible – to the extent of investing in bathtubs so exorbitantly priced that we couldn’t even think about dreaming of them in our sleep.

Let’s take a look at what a truly expensive soak looks like.

Le Grand Queen

Holding the title for being the most expensive bathtub in the world, Le Grand Queen has been designed by Simon Krapf. It’s carved from a 10-ton rare gemstone known as Caijou, which was held in esteem in ancient time for its healing properties.

The bathtub, shaped like an Indonesian canoe, was bought by an anonymous buyer at the Dubai International Jewelry Festival. The price, you ask? Only $1.7 million. We’ll wait for you to retrieve your jaw from the floor before we move on to the next item on the list.

The Golden Bathtub

The name says it all. It’s a bathtub made from gold, looking like it flew right out of the pages of Arabian nights … straight to a hotel in Tokyo.

Just shy of a million dollar, the 18-karat gold bathtub was commissioned by the Kominato Hotel Mikazuki as a marketing ploy. It was offered to the most exclusive of all hotel guests but for only a couple of hours every day.

The incredible part of the story is that, despite the high security around it, the bathtub was stolen in 2007, and nobody has seen it’s shiny countenance since. The question that goes through my head time and again is this: How the hell did they manage to smuggle an 80-kilo bathtub out of the hotel without being noticed? The mystery hasn’t been solved to date.

Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub

If gold is too blingy for your taste, this elegant bathtub carved from a 10-ton Amazonian crystal might be more appealing. Designed by Luca Bojola, there are only three such bathtubs, all of which have been embellished with diamonds. Two have been sold off – one to a Russian tycoon and another to a British socialite – while the third one has assumed a place of honor at Harrods where it’s priced at $790,310.Honorable mention: Luca Bojola is credited with designing two more gorgeous bathtubs – one from malachite and the other from amethyst. Both tubs have legs made from 24-karat and are priced at $222,000 and $121,200 respectively.

The Serenity Bathtub

The extremely elegant and artistic serenity bathtub has been crafted out of solid bronze and decorated with gold and silver. Only 12 such bathtubs have been created to preserve exclusivity and each is priced upward of $75,000 – a mere pittance when compared to the other entrants on this list. But, it looks regal, nonetheless!

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