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Wine & Winters: A Match Made in Connoisseur Heaven

Winters are almost upon us and what better time to throw a wine tasting at home than now? Some good friends, cheese and crackers, good music, and of course, the choicest selection of wines … Ah, doesn’t that sound like the perfect antidote to the chilly afternoons and grey skies of the winter months! Here’s how to host a spectacular wine tasting. Right from the...

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Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Wine With Food

The art of pairing food and wine is the key to a successful meal and a passport to an amazing gastronomic experience. But most people tend to shy away from the experience, slightly intimidated by the variety of wines out there, their fanciful names, and the endless combinations they will have to remember. However, the guidelines for pairing wine are quite simple and, contrary to...

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5 Tips to Organize a Classy Wine Tasting Affaire at Home

Wine tasting needn’t be restricted to five-star hotels or expensive banquet halls. It’s possible to host it at home too. Not only is it a classy and fun affair, but it also gives you a welcome break from get-togethers organized around beer, nachos, chicken tikka, and fish fingers. If you are willing to try something new, follow these tips closely to organize a wine tasting...

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