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Home décor is often seen as an extension of your personality. Everything ranging from the type of flooring you chose, the color palette you pick, and your art collection reveal something about you. But, even though decorating your home is an intensely personal exercise, there are a few Essential Decor Items every home should have. Here’s our list to get you started. 1. A Splurge...

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Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Wine With Food

The art of pairing food and wine is the key to a successful meal and a passport to an amazing gastronomic experience. But most people tend to shy away from the experience, slightly intimidated by the variety of wines out there, their fanciful names, and the endless combinations they will have to remember. However, the guidelines for pairing wine are quite simple and, contrary to...

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6 Tips to Take Your Wedding Tablescape from Wow to Va-Va-Voom!

Planning for a wedding is a whole lot of fun. With easy access to global ideas and the means to execute stunningly beautiful designs, modern brides are moving away from run of the mill options. Instead, they’re using their imagination to create a wedding ambiance that reflects their personal style and gives shape to their fantasies. The tablescape is an important aspect of any wedding....

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8 Best Gifts to Make a Killer Impression on Your Soon-to-Be In-Laws

Buying gifts for your in-laws is always a daunting task, but it’s especially nerve-racking when you’re doing it for the first time. You’ve got to get it right because first impressions are last impressions. You hardly want to be remembered for that box of chocolates and token bouquet you picked up at the last minute. If you truly want to be their golden boy, put...

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Ultra Violet Wedding Details for the Pantone Obsessed

Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2018 and we’re loving its choice – UltraViolet. And with this, brides all over the world have a luscious new color to play with on their wedding day. Using Ultra Violet in weddings is guaranteed to bring a whole new twist to the affair. Described as ‘inventive and imaginative’, this “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade...

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4 Wedding Trends You’re Going to Obsess Over in 2018

There’s a popular saying – marriages are made in heaven. But wedding trends? They’re made right here on earth and they keep changing from year to year. “Why bother,” you think. “I can always stick to the classic touches. They never go out of style.” And you’d be absolutely right. Evergreen is ever-appealing, but sometimes they also can do with a touch of the contemporary....

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4 Celebrity Couples Who Had Majestic Winter and Fall Weddings

Winter weddings invoke images of chattering teeth, indoor photo sessions, and gloomy grey weather. The dipping mercury decides your trousseau and you are left wondering if you’ll be able to carry off that low back blouse or that gorgeous lace gown without freezing to death. But before you write off fall-winter weddings for good, take a look at the nuptials these four celebrity couples planned...

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5 Brilliant Ideas to Fill Up Empty Nooks & Crannies at Home

Ah, those nooks and crannies! Those dratted, awkward corners that are so infuriating to a homeowner. They are an eyesore – an attack on our design sensibilities, not to mention a waste of perfectly good space. You hate to leave it empty, but it seems quite impossible to anything with it. But is it really? Don’t give up on those tight spots yet. A little...

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5 Stunning Themes for a Dream of a Wedding

So, the question has been popped, you’ve said yes, and it’s official – a grand wedding is on the horizon. Congratulations to you and your beau! Enjoy the initial euphoria while it lasts, because once it dies down and you return to terra firma, there will be a thousand details demanding your attention. A wedding and a gala one at that don’t plan itself, you...

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