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It’s Time to ‘Fall’ in Love: Autumn Decor Ideas For One & All

Temperatures might still be on the rise, but fall is just around the corner. And with that, we have an entire fall-inspired design scheme to look forward too.  Fall can be a tricky season when it comes to home décor. Incorporating fall colors and accents without making the décor look kitschy is not everyone’s cup of tea. But don’t worry; we’ve got the most renowned...

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How to Bring in the Maximalist Touch to Your Home Interiors

Spring is around the corner and the Maximalist style is just the perfect touch your home interiors can use to welcome this delightful season. This style is all about subtle opulence and, when applied right, it evokes a feeling of abundance. Typically speaking, a bouquet of fresh colours and bold design elements are the essence of Maximalism. However, it can go off the deep end...

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High tea is a British tradition of drinking tea while seated in a high backed chair eating cold meats, vegetables, tarts and pies, bread and crackers with jelly and butter, between 5 to 7 in the evening. Zzzzz … what a snooze fest! Remember the famous tea party in Alice in Wonderland hosted by the Mad Hatter and the March Mare? There was tea, good...

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5 Tips to Bring Home That Perfect Coffee Table

Welcome to the world of coffee table dilemma – every home needs one, the living room wouldn’t be complete without one, but do have an idea how to select one? Nope. A coffee table is usually brought in right towards the end, at which time, it has to fill the gap between the sofa and the chairs. That’s when we discover that the one we...

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How to Make Open Concept Homes Cozy, Comfortable & Distinctive

More and more homes are moving towards open concept floor plans because people are simply loving the casual and inviting vibe they have. With spaces that flow uninterrupted and no walls to inhibit your design aspirations, these airy and cheerful homes are truly becoming the darlings of everyone around the globe. However, doing away with walls is the easy part. While you might enjoy its...

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Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Wine With Food

The art of pairing food and wine is the key to a successful meal and a passport to an amazing gastronomic experience. But most people tend to shy away from the experience, slightly intimidated by the variety of wines out there, their fanciful names, and the endless combinations they will have to remember. However, the guidelines for pairing wine are quite simple and, contrary to...

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Plants Are Enjoying A Major Design Moment Right Now, And Here’s Why

Plants play a very important role in interior design – there’s no arguing that. But for most of us, they’re an afterthought, brought in after much of the other design has already been finalized. It’s like adding the finishing touches to a painting or the garnish tp your chicken cordon bleu. Trends, however, is changing and more and more designers are placing greenery at the core...

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5 Brilliant Ideas to Fill Up Empty Nooks & Crannies at Home

Ah, those nooks and crannies! Those dratted, awkward corners that are so infuriating to a homeowner. They are an eyesore – an attack on our design sensibilities, not to mention a waste of perfectly good space. You hate to leave it empty, but it seems quite impossible to anything with it. But is it really? Don’t give up on those tight spots yet. A little...

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Layer Up To Keep Your Home Snug & Warm in the Winters

Winters are here … brrr! Almost everyone in North India is diving under their blankets to escape its onslaught. Shawls are being pulled out, sweaters are being aired, and people are retrieving their long Johns from the darkest realms of their wardrobe. People everywhere are united and the general slogan doing the rounds is ‘Layer up! Layer up! Layer up!’ An excellent suggestion, we say,...

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