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How to Design a Comfortable Seating Area in the Patio

Many people feel that the patio isn’t exactly a place to relax. But, contrary to popular belief, the patio can be turned into the social hub of your home where you can organize low-key evening parties of wine, conversation and of course, food. How do you prepare your patio for some fun days of entertaining? Just follow these few basic points: 1. Clean up the...

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Outdoor Kitchen: Innovative, Beautiful, & Wow!

As a concept, outdoor kitchens aren’t all that popular in India. Although it is an idea that has charmed many, one of the main reasons why these projects don’t take off is the weather. It’s either too hot, too cold, too dusty, or too wet to make it a viable option. If you can work your way around these problems, we’ve got some great design...

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