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Glamping is a new luxury travel trend that has become immensely popular among travelers who want to experience the thrill of camping without compromising on comfort in any way. So what exactly is ‘glamping’? As the name suggests, it is when glamour meets camping … because why should an appreciation of outdoor life have to be at the cost of creature comfort, right? Can’t we...

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The Most Gorgeous Mountain Retreats in the World

If you’re anywhere in North India right now, the sun is probably beating down on your head mercilessly. Under the circumstances, we can’t help but think very fondly of the cool comfort of the mountains. Tall, imposing, and magnificent, these snow-capped peaks have always provided us refuge (not to mention stunning views) whenever the mercury decided to soar to unkind heights. If you’re planning a...

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5 Breathtaking Luxury Destinations that Beckon You this New Year’s

New Year’s comes once a year (No surprises there!) and even though holiday travel is nothing short of a nightmare, the sweet memories are worth it all. From epic fireworks displays to all-night dance parties to one-of-a-kind cultural traditions, we have scoured the world to bring you a few elite travel destinations you should zip away to for the New Years. Cos when the clock...

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Go Wild! 5 Resorts That Are a Haven for Wildlife Lovers

For animal lovers, no vacation can be complete unless they’ve had a close encounter of the third kind with wildlife. The thrill of seeing animals beyond the enclosed space of a zoo, roaming free in their own habitat, is not something that can be described in words. If you’re that big an enthusiast, why step out of your hotel to go on a safari? Let...

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