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Address Home & Diwali Get-Togethers: A Match Made in Heaven

Diwali is just around the corner. One minute you’re dreaming of all the things you’ll do and the next minute you’re already too late to do them all.  Well, not this time! We’re going to get a jump start on the festive season and make sure that everything’s ready and perfect when you’re ready to wine and dine with your friends and family. And with...

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How to Bring in the Maximalist Touch to Your Home Interiors

Spring is around the corner and the Maximalist style is just the perfect touch your home interiors can use to welcome this delightful season. This style is all about subtle opulence and, when applied right, it evokes a feeling of abundance. Typically speaking, a bouquet of fresh colours and bold design elements are the essence of Maximalism. However, it can go off the deep end...

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Say Konnichiwa to Wabi-Sabi – The Design Trend that’s a Hot Favorite This Year

Wabi-Sabi, Wabi-Sabi … 0“What is Wabi-Sabi?” A distant relative to wasabi? A kind of sushi? The name of the latest rock band? Well, it’s none of that. Wabi-Sabi is a Zen trend from Japan that’s taking the design and décor world by storm. Boasting of clean aesthetics and minimalist design, the concept was developed by combining two different words with two very different meanings –...

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Offbeat Bookshelves for the Bibliophile’s Soul

Bibliophiles are forever hoarding books, irrespective of whether they’re going to read them immediately or months later. If you’re one of them, you’re well aware of the problem every reader’s faces, which is the lack of space to store their gorgeous hardcovers and paperbacks in. No matter how many corners you dedicate to creating those cozy reading nooks, they never seem to be enough. Besides,...

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Top 3 Home Decorating Mistakes

Unless you’re a seasoned interior designer with decades of experience and skill under your belt, chances are you’ve made a decorating faux pas or two in your lifetime. Remember that plush sofa you bought without measuring it or that one time when you hung a pendant light way too high in your living room? In our line of work, we’ve seen the good, the bad,...

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Simple Tips to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee is one of the most necessary elements to survive, right? Almost all coffee fanatics love to relish their cuppa, which is why having a coffee table in your house is absolutely essential. If you’re planning to buy a new coffee table or trying to amp up your existing one, chances are that you’ve been browsing through all those gorgeous pictures on Pinterest or Instagram...

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Plants Are Enjoying A Major Design Moment Right Now, And Here’s Why

Plants play a very important role in interior design – there’s no arguing that. But for most of us, they’re an afterthought, brought in after much of the other design has already been finalized. It’s like adding the finishing touches to a painting or the garnish tp your chicken cordon bleu. Trends, however, is changing and more and more designers are placing greenery at the core...

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Plating Tips To Make Your Food Look Absolutely Irresistible

If you’ve surfed the social media for any length of time, you’ve probably come across the term ‘food porn’. It’s taken the Internet by storm, and it’s nearly impossible to open your Instagram or Facebook and not come across a picture of artfully plated food accompanied by this hashtag. Food plating and presentation play an important role in enhancing a person’s culinary experience. We eat...

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8 Best Gifts to Make a Killer Impression on Your Soon-to-Be In-Laws

Buying gifts for your in-laws is always a daunting task, but it’s especially nerve-racking when you’re doing it for the first time. You’ve got to get it right because first impressions are last impressions. You hardly want to be remembered for that box of chocolates and token bouquet you picked up at the last minute. If you truly want to be their golden boy, put...

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