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The Hottest Trends in Luxury Travel for 2019

Who wouldn’t like to kick back and go on a trip for a thorough indulgence? Flying first-class, fine dining, a relaxing spa, and a little bit of soul searching is everybody’s ideal getaway. And the travel trend in the year 2019 indicates that luxury travel is on the rise with more people opting for vacations filled with richness. So, what are the hottest trends that...

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Loft Apartments – Around the World

There is something about loft style apartments that has people aspiring for it so much. Maybe it’s the lavish spaciousness, maybe the high ceilings or maybe just the unique open space plan it presents. Ultra-urban and high-end living is what defines this apartment style. With fewer walls and lots of free spaces, its like a blank canvas, you can style it the way you want....

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