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How to Bring in the Maximalist Touch to Your Home Interiors

Spring is around the corner and the Maximalist style is just the perfect touch your home interiors can use to welcome this delightful season. This style is all about subtle opulence and, when applied right, it evokes a feeling of abundance. Typically speaking, a bouquet of fresh colours and bold design elements are the essence of Maximalism. However, it can go off the deep end...

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Furniture Trends for 2019: What’s In & What’s Out

Our living spaces are constantly evolving, changing with our understanding of the space, our needs, and sometimes our moods. If you’re looking to do up your home a little differently this year or you’ve got a major renovation project on your hands, let the furniture trends of 2019 guide you. That way, not only do you end up with a beautiful house, you also have...

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Top 3 Home Decorating Mistakes

Unless you’re a seasoned interior designer with decades of experience and skill under your belt, chances are you’ve made a decorating faux pas or two in your lifetime. Remember that plush sofa you bought without measuring it or that one time when you hung a pendant light way too high in your living room? In our line of work, we’ve seen the good, the bad,...

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Quick & Easy DIY Table Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Had it with the same old New Year’s Party? Fed up with soggy snacks and watered down drinks, not to mention loud music that makes your ears bleed? Tired of sharing the dance floor with a hundred other strangers and welcoming the new year squished among drunk, sweaty bodies? How about you go in for something more personal this year and have a get together...

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5 Breathtaking Luxury Destinations that Beckon You this New Year’s

New Year’s comes once a year (No surprises there!) and even though holiday travel is nothing short of a nightmare, the sweet memories are worth it all. From epic fireworks displays to all-night dance parties to one-of-a-kind cultural traditions, we have scoured the world to bring you a few elite travel destinations you should zip away to for the New Years. Cos when the clock...

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5 Gorgeous & Trendy Colors to Make Your Home Autumn Winter Ready

Winter is just around the corner and if you are thinking of redecorating your home, you should set your sight on colors that will make it big this season. After studying trends, talking to industry experts, and design professionals, we’ve come up with a list of colors that are going to be trending in autumn and winter. Here are the top picks that should grace...

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Eye Popping Colors To Give Your Home a Vibrant Feel this Summer

Summers: the word alone brings to mind images of scorched earth, parched throats, dry lips, and sweat-drenched clothes. It’s almost like nature has decided to suck the energy out of everyone, leaving us feeling so lethargic that we almost couldn’t be bothered with things like color, fashion or style.  Almost. But we are a resilient lot, aren’t we? There’s no way that we’d let a...

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Tips to Hosting Like a Pro & Having a Successful Party at Home

Parties are fun for everyone, except the person organizing it. Hosts are usually stressed, frazzled, constantly on their toes, and running around to make sure all the arrangements are fine. It’s debatable whether, at the end of the evening, they can claim to have had a good time at all. There’s no reason why parties have to be such a burden. Here are some tips...

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Give Your Home Office a Makeover Now!

Most home offices comprise of little more than a desk, a chair, and a couple of shelves if that. In fact, we know of many people who simply use their dining table as a makeshift place to sit and work. Or, they prefer to lounge around on their sofa till their aching back tells them to do otherwise! Tch-tch-tch … bad practice. Just because it’s...

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