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High tea is a British tradition of drinking tea while seated in a high backed chair eating cold meats, vegetables, tarts and pies, bread and crackers with jelly and butter, between 5 to 7 in the evening. Zzzzz … what a snooze fest! Remember the famous tea party in Alice in Wonderland hosted by the Mad Hatter and the March Mare? There was tea, good...

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5 Tips to Bring Home That Perfect Coffee Table

Welcome to the world of coffee table dilemma – every home needs one, the living room wouldn’t be complete without one, but do have an idea how to select one? Nope. A coffee table is usually brought in right towards the end, at which time, it has to fill the gap between the sofa and the chairs. That’s when we discover that the one we...

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Say Konnichiwa to Wabi-Sabi – The Design Trend that’s a Hot Favorite This Year

Wabi-Sabi, Wabi-Sabi … 0“What is Wabi-Sabi?” A distant relative to wasabi? A kind of sushi? The name of the latest rock band? Well, it’s none of that. Wabi-Sabi is a Zen trend from Japan that’s taking the design and décor world by storm. Boasting of clean aesthetics and minimalist design, the concept was developed by combining two different words with two very different meanings –...

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Offbeat Bookshelves for the Bibliophile’s Soul

Bibliophiles are forever hoarding books, irrespective of whether they’re going to read them immediately or months later. If you’re one of them, you’re well aware of the problem every reader’s faces, which is the lack of space to store their gorgeous hardcovers and paperbacks in. No matter how many corners you dedicate to creating those cozy reading nooks, they never seem to be enough. Besides,...

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How to Make Open Concept Homes Cozy, Comfortable & Distinctive

More and more homes are moving towards open concept floor plans because people are simply loving the casual and inviting vibe they have. With spaces that flow uninterrupted and no walls to inhibit your design aspirations, these airy and cheerful homes are truly becoming the darlings of everyone around the globe. However, doing away with walls is the easy part. While you might enjoy its...

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Home décor is often seen as an extension of your personality. Everything ranging from the type of flooring you chose, the color palette you pick, and your art collection reveal something about you. But, even though decorating your home is an intensely personal exercise, there are a few Essential Decor Items every home should have. Here’s our list to get you started. 1. A Splurge...

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Wood in the Bathroom? Why Not!!

Conventional wisdom states that you should not use wood in the bathrooms. Tiles and stones are the more ideal, not to mention practical option. But it’s so hard to resist the dark mocha-chocolatey warmth of wood. It’s our link to the natural world, a grab at the elements that are alien to us in these modern times and we can hardly be faulted for considering...

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Plants Are Enjoying A Major Design Moment Right Now, And Here’s Why

Plants play a very important role in interior design – there’s no arguing that. But for most of us, they’re an afterthought, brought in after much of the other design has already been finalized. It’s like adding the finishing touches to a painting or the garnish tp your chicken cordon bleu. Trends, however, is changing and more and more designers are placing greenery at the core...

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6 Tricks to Make an Open Concept House Feel Cozy

Open layouts are modern must-haves, and it’s gaining popularity for all the right reasons. It maximizes space and the OpenFlow kitchen and living area make entertaining a breeze. Besides, nothing can beat that refreshing feeling of airy open spaces devoid of fat, chunky walls. For a few, separate rooms still hold their charm, but homeowners today are taking a sledgehammer to their traditional floor plans...

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