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How to Organise a No Fuss High Tea at Home

The tradition of high tea goes back to the 19th century when genteel ladies from the English upper class would convene mid-afternoon for tea and sandwiches followed by a gentle stroll around the park. These days, our modern ladies have taken a fancy to organize afternoon tea parties at home to spend some merry times with their best friends. But the high tea of yesteryear...

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5 Easy to do Areas for Spring Decor Updates

As March rolls in, Spring creeps into our wardrobe choices, what we eat & where we travel. So why shouldn’t we update our homes & spaces to match it all. While an overhaul seems taxing & out of question, small pick me ups certainly go a long way. Check out these five areas that can easily be updated to create your luxurious abode. Table Toppers...

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How to Pull Off the Monochrome Look with Panache

As far as interior design is concerned, few things can pack the bold punch of a monochrome look. It is one of the best ways to elevate the appeal of your home and make a chic and suave statement. Here are a few tips you can use to get that stylish monochrome look you always wanted. 1. Decide the Style Before you pick out the...

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Quick & Easy Tips to make a Chic & Elegant Living Room

A living room is an extension of your personality, a reflection of who you are and what you like or dislike. The chic and elegant look isn’t for everyone, but putting one together can be done by almost anyone, as long as you remember these basic principles. 1. Choose a Color Theme Pick out 2-3 main colors that will form the central theme of your...

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Trending Colors for 2019 – Which Ones Will Catch Your Fancy?

House Beautiful – a leading online magazine – recently asked 11 leading designers, including Sara Story and Alessandra Branca what colors and going to be trending next year. From blues to olive greens to bright patterns, their predictions were both surprising and interesting. To begin with, blues seemed to be a hot favorite among all designers. Leading the ranks was Greek blue – a color...

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