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When you start delving into home decorating, you come across a whole lot of ‘rules’ that people tend to follow like it was the cardinal law. But do they hold up if you put them under scrutiny? Let’s find out? 1. Paint The Ceilings White. It Opens Up The Room There’s no denying that white makes a room look bigger because it reflects light better...

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Tips to Hosting Like a Pro & Having a Successful Party at Home

Parties are fun for everyone, except the person organizing it. Hosts are usually stressed, frazzled, constantly on their toes, and running around to make sure all the arrangements are fine. It’s debatable whether, at the end of the evening, they can claim to have had a good time at all. There’s no reason why parties have to be such a burden. Here are some tips...

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Give Your Home Office a Makeover Now!

Most home offices comprise of little more than a desk, a chair, and a couple of shelves if that. In fact, we know of many people who simply use their dining table as a makeshift place to sit and work. Or, they prefer to lounge around on their sofa till their aching back tells them to do otherwise! Tch-tch-tch … bad practice. Just because it’s...

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Decor Guidelines to Transform Your Space any Time

Designers use their imagination and creativity to bring dull spaces alive. Although there are a few rough sets of rules that designers follow, they are always breaking boundaries and trying the untried and doing what was never done before. They follow their instincts to breed fresh and unique designs. If you desire to redo your home but don’t wish to hire a professional, a few...

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Color Schemes That Rule 2019

Color Schemes That Will Rule 2019 As we enter the last leg of 2019 starts approaching us in earnest. Winter’s here in full swing, and New Year is just around the corner. But why are we discussing seasons? Let’s talk about how you can fill your home with color to make these otherwise dull months pop and turn your home into a Mecca of latest...

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8 Gifts Your Friends Would Simply Love

As the Holiday Season breaks in, so does tons of Events, Birthdays and Wedding Parties. Unfortunately, we tend to fall back on cliches whenever we have to choose gifts for friends and relatives. Let’s break that pattern, shall we, and think of some innovative gifts your loved ones would only be too delighted to receive! Plume Ceramic Vase For your artistic friends or those who...

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Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

The summer is already upon us and soon to follow is the holiday season. Kids will get their vacations and you will start getting visitors. Loads and loads of them. Now is the ideal time for you get started on those renovation plans you’d been putting off for so long. And while you’re at it, why not update your home’s decor to match the look...

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