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Address Home & Diwali Get-Togethers: A Match Made in Heaven

Diwali is just around the corner. One minute you’re dreaming of all the things you’ll do and the next minute you’re already too late to do them all.  Well, not this time! We’re going to get a jump start on the festive season and make sure that everything’s ready and perfect when you’re ready to wine and dine with your friends and family. And with...

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An Ethereal Wonderland Beckons You This Winter

During winters, our garden and backyard often tend to get neglected. In trying to stay snug and warm, most of us forget that the landscape continues to unfurl a marvelous scene even during the colder months of the year. So don’t let the wintery chill stop you from enjoying a cup of coffee outdoors. Take cues from these beautiful garden ideas and add some charm...

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The Kaleidoscopic World of Colors & Their Symbology

With so many festivals and occasions upon us, India (and the rest of the world) is going to break into a riot of colors. Yellow, gold, red, orange, green … so many rich and beautiful colors that just work their magic on us and put us in a festive spirit. It is, then, appropriate for us to pause for a minute and think about the...

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4 Ways To Add Metallic and Chrome To Your Home

You’ve seen all kinds of home décor ideas and tried a few of them yourself. Now, it’s time to actually add some shine to your home. Say hello to metallic chrome! Now, you might think that adding chrome to your home is crazy or that you’re going a bit overboard. But if you know how to balance the look with the other elements in your...

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Plants Are Enjoying A Major Design Moment Right Now, And Here’s Why

Plants play a very important role in interior design – there’s no arguing that. But for most of us, they’re an afterthought, brought in after much of the other design has already been finalized. It’s like adding the finishing touches to a painting or the garnish tp your chicken cordon bleu. Trends, however, is changing and more and more designers are placing greenery at the core...

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Quick & Easy DIY Table Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Had it with the same old New Year’s Party? Fed up with soggy snacks and watered down drinks, not to mention loud music that makes your ears bleed? Tired of sharing the dance floor with a hundred other strangers and welcoming the new year squished among drunk, sweaty bodies? How about you go in for something more personal this year and have a get together...

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Ever had a long, tedious day, when all you’ve wanted to do is sprawl out on a cushiony mattress and cover yourself with soft French bed linen? Well, it’s high time we switched our regular bed sheets for the comfort of Egyptian cotton, luxurious Italian bed linens, and cozy duvets. It’s time to say goodbye puffy eyes and dark circles and hello to beauty sleep!...

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Eye Popping Colors To Give Your Home a Vibrant Feel this Summer

Summers: the word alone brings to mind images of scorched earth, parched throats, dry lips, and sweat-drenched clothes. It’s almost like nature has decided to suck the energy out of everyone, leaving us feeling so lethargic that we almost couldn’t be bothered with things like color, fashion or style.  Almost. But we are a resilient lot, aren’t we? There’s no way that we’d let a...

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Tips to Hosting Like a Pro & Having a Successful Party at Home

Parties are fun for everyone, except the person organizing it. Hosts are usually stressed, frazzled, constantly on their toes, and running around to make sure all the arrangements are fine. It’s debatable whether, at the end of the evening, they can claim to have had a good time at all. There’s no reason why parties have to be such a burden. Here are some tips...

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