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La Vie Boheme – Boho Inspired Decor Trends

There’s no denying that the boho chic style is having its decor moment. It’s almost impossible to miss the eclectic and layered bohemian-inspired decor splashed across all the major decor magazines. Primarily influenced by 1970’s design, the bohemian decor typically includes natural, rustic elements, rich colors, and layered textiles that give a more casual, collected feel to space and combine eclectic and fun without trying...

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Start-Up Guide To Go Bohémien

Nature and beauty have been an inherent love of man, and the power to bring nature inside four closed walls has been desired by the humankind since times immemorial. The styles pushed forth by evangelists in the domain of art of living are numerous, but one that you would love to know and follow, especially if you are a nature admirer or traveler, is bohemian....

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