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The Most Amazing Bathrooms in the World

Bathrooms? Really? We’re doing a post on bathrooms? That too amazing and out of this world bathrooms? Why not? Why shouldn’t we give bathrooms their due importance? They are usually overshadowed by the glitter of glorious bedrooms and regalia of royal halls. But the truth is that bathrooms are actually quite expensive to build. And for many, it’s a safe haven where they can unwind...

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Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

The summer is already upon us and soon to follow is the holiday season. Kids will get their vacations and you will start getting visitors. Loads and loads of them. Now is the ideal time for you get started on those renovation plans you’d been putting off for so long. And while you’re at it, why not update your home’s decor to match the look...

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5 Things Every Bathroom Needs

Even though we don’t spend a considerable amount of time in our bathroom, it is the only place in the entire house where we go for some peace and privacy. So when we don’t think twice before splurging on our bedroom décor, why is it that we tend to ignore our exclusive space? After all, it is a part of our home and demands attention...

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