Sweet & Subtle Furniture Ideas To Put a Unique Spin To Your Wedding

Sweet & Subtle Furniture Ideas To Put a Unique Spin To Your Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor weddings are all the rage these days. Couples just love the freedom it gives them to customize the venue and dress it up for the most special day of their lives. Having an outdoor wedding means you have virtually endless choices on how you’d like to do up the entrance, the aisle, the dining area, and virtually everything else in the venue. And you can be as unique as you like in your preferences.

Speaking of unique, there’s a particularly interesting trend that’s become popular in recent times, of using furniture as part of the wedding decor. And we’re not just talking about tables and chairs and podiums, but unique furniture like doors, dressing tables, and armoire.

Sounds bizarre? You’ll be surprised at how stunning the end results are. Here are some gorgeous ways to use various items of furniture to deck up your wedding ceremony.

  1. Make a Grand Entrance


The entrance to your ceremony needs as much as attention as the altar, and since it’s the first thing people are going to see, you’d better make a great impression with it.

An old rustic wooden door with a thick flower and leaves foliage at the top can be installed at the venue. It makes for a charming entryway leading up to the main podium or altar and replaces that traditional doorway we’re used to seeing in almost every other marriage function.

If you are getting married in the woods or a vineyard, you can switch the door out for two tall posts and create a curtained entrance. It can be decorated with pretty vines or floral steamers for more impact.

  1. Backdrop Decoration to Spruce Things Up a Bit


For obvious reason, the altar or the main podium gets the maximum attention, so why settle for a boring backdrop? A vintage screen divider adds a dreamy effect to your setting and makes sure that people keep looking your way all the time.

There are many ways you can decorate the divider – flowers are a popular choice because they lend a fairytale vibe to the decoration. Lights are a great pick too since they add a really romantic charm to the affaire. And if you love all things green and beautiful, you could also reach for hanging plants, ferns, and creepers for a Garden of Eden field.

  1. Spin a Special Seating Arrangement

Seating is one of the most ignored aspects of a wedding ceremony, and it needs to be given its due importance. Why settle for rickety or uncomfortable chairs when you can do so much better?


Use comfortable couches and armchairs to create a good sitting area that’s distinctive and whimsical. There’s any number of combinations you can use, depending on what your personal preferences are like. Prints and patterns can give a fun breezy feel to the decor, while an all-white Italian designer set can create a chic elegant look. Match the wedding lounge to your overall theme and let your creativity do the talking.

  1. Let the Lights Bring a Glow

Lights are integral to a wedding. Can’t imagine one without those multi-colored festoon lights or the warm glow of twinkling fairy lights, right? But why restrict yourself to these options alone?

Pick up some weathered candlesticks and place them strategically throughout the venue. Aromatic candles in mason jars are also a great option, as are hanging lanterns. And if you have space, you could even use those ancient torches used in medieval forts for some old world magic. Nobody’s going to forget that in a hurry!


Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime affaire. You have every right to make it as spectacular as you want. And these wedding furniture ideas ensure that your evening is remembered by one and all, and for all the right reasons!

Img Courtesy: Pinterest, WedMeGood

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