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Less is More: How to Have Scandinavian Christmas

Christmas is almost here, ladies! How you must be looking forward to spending chilly evenings curled up in your favorite armchair with a cup of hot cocoa or a lovely glass of wine. It’s also that time of the year when we all succumb to the pleasures of doing up our homes to mark the coming of the Yuletide. But instead of going in for the quintessential reds and greens of erstwhile Christmas decor, let’s do something different to make the St. Nicholas feel at home.

How about Scandinavian?

Marked by its neutral color palette and simple minimalistic interiors, the Scandinavian decor is the hottest trend for the coming season primarily because it nurtures HYGGE (pronounced hyu-guh). A Danish term, Hygge signifies the feeling of well being and happiness and the Scandinavian decor style is meant to inspire exactly that.

So read on and see how you can convert your home into a plush and cozy space for you and your guests.

Less is Always More and Way Classier

Minimalism is the foundation of Scandinavian decor. Open floor spaces and clean walls make for the perfect ambiance.  And, a no-fuss set up comprising of a few sofas and a simple, yet striking, a center table is enough to make the space comfortable and welcoming, without looking too spartan.

Take a look around your home. If you see pieces of furniture that you can easily do without, put them away for the time being. Do away with too many cushions on the sofas; a couple on a three seater is enough. A plush floor cushion or two on a lavish rug can easily replace a bulky armchair and make for a cozy floor level lounge.

Put your chandeliers into storage. Replace them with simple pendant lights in squares and ovals. Introduce slender floor lamps to create a warm inviting space.  For the walls, a single work of art will speak volumes about your tasteful style. Leave the rest of your beautiful walls to flaunt their bareness, because like we said, less is more and less is classy!

Induce Hygge through Neutrals Colours

The North Pole is characterized by its long and white winters. Also, Scandinavians love their land and want to bring nature into their homes. This may be reflected in their love for white and co-ordinated neutrals. Also, whites have that magical power of creating an illusion of expanded space, thus calming the mind and aiding relaxation.

Play around with beiges and creams against a backdrop of white. If your sofa fabric is primarily beige let the seat and back be white with a dash of grey or vice versa. Remember not to stray too far from the base color. You can add a dash of quirk with a black or charcoal cushion or a throw. But do try and stick to tonal variations within a color.

The same color theme should flow into your rugs, curtains, and other decorations. There will be just a dash of green and that is brought about by the Christmas tree. Mostly the palette is neutral with a subtle pop of green and an occasional red.

Natural Textures and Materials to Enhance Mood

Scandinavians love all things natural like flax, wool, and wood. And rightly so. Nothing says earthy like textures that mimic nature. Add elegant curtains with texture centric weaves to transform your window settings. Throws are a great way to add texture while breaking through the linear nature of such interiors.

Put down plush rugs with varying thicknesses. Walking on carpets with thick piles mimics a walk through the grass while keeping your feet warm. Faux fur can take your decor to a completely different level. Rugs, throws and even floor cushions made up in fur add a quirky yet elegant touch to your interiors.

Wood lends warmth to any space and helps enhance the mood created by neutral colors and minimalism. Your exquisite teak and mahogany pieces can be the centerpiece of your decor. Make them speak with subdued upholstery colors and they are sure to make you proud.

Christmas Decorations with a Twist

No Christmas is complete without ye olde Tannenbaum. The beautifully decorated Christmas tree is essential in this season,  but that does not mean you have to install a large floor to ceiling plastic monstrosity.

Go on and get adventurous while selecting your tree. Have fun with materials, colors, and shapes this year. How about a wooden stencil-cut DIY fir tree? Or maybe just a sapling of our dear Ashoka brought indoors? Alternatively, you can choose a beautifully potted Xmas tree sapling. Make sure it is not taller than 3 feet and place one on your mantle. Simple and minimal and classy.

Oh and for the ornaments, skip the sparkly twinkling plastic baubles. There is a wide range of elegant wood, fabric, tin as well as glass ornaments to choose from. Do remember to stick to the neutrals here as well. White, grey and black ornaments on a not-too-leafy Christmas tree can be breathtaking in minimalist surroundings.

Christmas is a festival of cheer. Try our Scandinavian decor ideas and watch your friends and family marvel at how you have flawlessly created Hygge to put a unique spin to the Yuletide celebrations. Time to bask in their compliments, Milady, and in the warm glow of the festive spirit!


Merry Christmas.




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