Say Hello to the Pantone Colour of the Year, 2019: Living Coral

Say Hello to the Pantone Colour of the Year, 2019: Living Coral

Pantone, the gods of color forecasting, have gone ahead and wowed us once again. This year’s go-to color is a bright peachy orange with warm gold undertones. Pantone’s global team of experts have gone for this bright coral shade because it symbolizes an innate need for optimum and joyful living conditions. Apart from its exuberant feel, the beauty of Living Coral is the ease with which it takes to its surroundings, making it a joy to work with across many different platforms of design applications.

Minimalistic Sprinkling of Living Coral for a Marvelous Transformation

The brilliant and effervescent Living Coral is a color that creates an illusion of static motion. Use it as an accent element around your house to give an instant facelift to a tired old corner. This shade of orange has pink and peach undertones, making it especially vibrant when juxtaposed with muted tones of beiges and greys.

Last year was all about pastels with a gray edge to them. Living coral accessories will look most natural when placed in the company of your erstwhile décor, which may have been dominated by mostly somber colors. So worry not if you’ve recently spent a truckload on re-decorating your home. All you need to do is pick up a few coral accessories to refresh your living spaces and then, just like that, you’re in step with the global color trend.

Elegant Interiors Enhanced by Subtly Vibrant Accessories

Have a massive brown corner sofa seating with grey tones of wallpaper and drapes? Just place some lovely coral cushions on it and your seating will fall in line with this year’s color trend that is Living Coral. Our Mia Fringed Cushion cover will do the trick while bringing a touch of understated elegance to the room.

Add glamour to a subtle coffee table by placing a couple of objects d’Art on them. Do you have a fireplace and mantle setting in your living area? A stem or two of beautiful coral faux bloom stems like our Rust Poppy Flower or the Orange Phalaenopsis can elevate their look significantly. The Bijoux Orange Ceramic Vase will add oomph to a white marble table or even a light wood topped sideboard. However, when making these changes around the house, take care to see that the background is a white, beige or gray to bring out the inherent joy in Living Coral.

Go Wild with the Living Coral Paintbrush

Living Coral (16-1549, the Pantone color code) is very similar to the actual colors of the corals found in the Great Barrier Reef off the eastern coast of Australia. Some of you very lucky people must have experienced the wave of vitality that eases over you when in presence of this wonder of nature. So why not mimic the very same energizing mood in your space?

Select a wall that receives plenty of daylight and can also be seen from numerous angles in your house. Go coral on this wall. The best wallpaper companies this year have come out with some brilliant coral wall coverings to suit varying tastes and budgets. Care to go a little further? Get an entire sofa done up in coral themed upholstery. Placed against a bay window with beige and gold sheer curtains, it is sure to take your breath away as you walk towards it.

Give your kitchen a facelift by re-doing all your cabinet fronts in glossy or matt coral. Your sanctum, your bathroom, must not be left behind either. A quick way to bring it up to speed, without having to go through a tedious retiling job, is by simply changing most of your bathroom accessories to varying shades of this beautiful color. Bring in those warm peachy towels and bathrobes, replace your old candles with mesmerizing coral vases and votives. And there’s no way you can avoid feeling that warm fuzzy feeling of wellbeing growing within you!

Mimic the Ocean with Coral and Aquamarine

It is very easy to use Living Coral with almost any color. However, there are certain combinations that really make it come alive. And for inspiration, we’re turning to that wise and all-knowing artist – Mother Nature. Living Coral looks radiant when juxtaposed with teal blue or aquamarine. A beautiful balance of the warm golden orange balanced out with cool blues is what makes this color story all-powerful. Place blue or green cushions on an all-coral sofa and watch it come to life. Reverse this set up with teal covered seating in front of a full-scale coral wall. Use an aquamarine backsplash in your kitchen to set off your new coral cabinetry. The more you play with these two color families, the more you’ll find yourself experimenting with this wondrous life-affirming color. Love coral, live coral!

Picture Credits: Annie Schlechter, Daily Telegraph, Harlequin Bevero, Lawcris, Essential Home

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