Quick & Easy DIY Table Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Quick & Easy DIY Table Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Had it with the same old New Year’s Party? Fed up with soggy snacks and watered down drinks, not to mention loud music that makes your ears bleed? Tired of sharing the dance floor with a hundred other strangers and welcoming the new year squished among drunk, sweaty bodies?

How about you go in for something more personal this year and have a get together at your place? No crowd and no wait lines, food served according to your taste, and the entire dance floor (we mean the living room) yours to command. Sounds like a welcome change, doesn’t it?

If you’re warming up to the idea, we’d like to help, too. While music and food are in your hands, here are some quick table decoration ideas that you’re going to love.

New Year Party Decor

Got a few old votives lying around the house? Perk things up a bit by wrapping them in silver or copper metal tape. Your friends will love the extra glint of bling to the dining table.

Use Christmas greens, holly, mistletoe, and other wintry classics to make a simple, yet beautiful, flower arrangement, and place them not just on the dining table, but in the living room, kitchen, entryway, and balcony. Now, isn’t that a festive way to greet your guests when they step into your house!

 new year party ideas

Got some of those silver balls left over from your Christmas tree decorations? Put them in tall hurricane jars, and arrange white plates and candles around it. Now, place some crystal glasses on the table, along with the silverware, and you have an elegant table setting perfect for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Balloons have a way of making us happy, and balloon ceilings just take that thing to a whole new level. Pick your favorite color of balloons – from pastel shades to electric blues and glittery gold and silver – fill ‘em up, and let them fly in the dining room. Super dramatic, don’t you think?

Don’t be in a rush to put away those fairy lights or those paper stars just yet. Hang them on the dining table to create a magical arrangement. This way, even if the weather doesn’t permit al fresco dining, you still get to dine under the stars! We hope these ideas got you thinking. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a great evening and welcome 2019 on a high note. Wish you a Happy New Year!

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