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Pimp Up Your Decks & Patios for Some Outdoor Fun This Summer


The words ‘outdoor’ and ‘summer’ don’t necessarily go hand in hand in a country like India. At the first hint of a temperature surge, we run for cover, right into the welcoming arms of our coolers and ACs. But not all days are the same, and summers in India have a way of surprising us. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, the weather turns mellow and you dare to step out once again.

On such fine days, you needn’t venture too far. If you’ve set up your deck or patio to be inviting, you can start a party right there, right away. In any case, a beautiful patio goes a long way in adding to your home’s kerb value. It’s a sight for sore eyes when you come back home after a long day at work.

With a case firmly made in favor of decking up your patio, let’s look at some ideas for doing just that.

Keep it Simple

For those who cannot be bothered with too much fuss and furniture, stick to basics. A few comfortable chairs and a sturdy table to keep your chilled drinks should bring the place together. Now, get in a few plants, add a water feature for that lovely rippling noise, install a good source of light, and you’re good to go!

Monochrome is Classy

Can’t decide what color palette works best for outdoors? Stop pouring over articles and pictures and just go with a monochromatic theme. No, no, it’s not drab or boring, but quite polished. Choose a round table, stools, umbrella, and table in white or grey and you can create a contemporary looking pation in no time at all.

Skip the Usual

Instead of buying stock garden furniture, keep an eye out for interesting pieces – maybe something vintage or a table with a nice faux finish. Treat blank spaces like a canvas and create an artistic focal point for the space. If you have a brick wall, paint it in a nice color or put up a weatherproof installation and you’re guaranteed an immediate updo for your patio.

Arrange for Shade

It’s time to get practical. This is, after all, the Indian summer we’re talking about. It’s the quickest way to develop a tan and a migraine at the same time. Even on the nicest day, the glare of the sun in your eyes is not the most pleasant experience when you’re trying to enjoy a virgin mojito. So, be sure to study the layout of the land, observe the position of the sun, and arrange to protect yourself from it. As an additional perk, go in for some colorful sun shades that will brighten up your patio.

Interesting Planters

Oh, those boring brown planters! Why are you still hung up on them? From black to blue to pink to pristine white … there is so much variety available in the market these days. Some are quirkily shaped like adorable animals and others are designed with great attention to the patterns on it. Just pick up some merry looking planters and your patio will look pretty almost instantly.

Add Ambient Lighting

What patio can be said to be complete without the proper lighting to go with it? Put up whatever catches your fancy – fairy lights, string lights, soft yellow lights, or even candle light … almost everything will look good outdoors. Just remember to be tasteful in your selection and keep the overall decor in mind. That way, you’ll do just fine!

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