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Pick up the Roller, People, And Let’s Paint the Town Pink!

It’s official guys – the hottest hue this summer is pink. From bright bubblegum shades to pale blush tones and everything in between, designers are getting a nice red glow on their faces incorporating these rosy colors into their designs. And while you might not be ready to have a Barbie townhouse style home (yet), there are ways to bring this color home without the end result looking like candy floss exploded in the room.

Start Off Really Small

If you’re not the kind to go over enthusiastic with pink, take teeny-tiny baby steps. A pink crystal ashtray, a rose gold candelabra, chairs with pink floral detailing on the backs, or a handful of pink artificial flowers are all great options to gently introduce the color into your décor without it looking like the invasion of the pink brigade.

Make The Neutrals Pop

A lot of us turn towards neutrals when decorating a room because they tend to look chic and sophisticated. However, we also run the danger of creating a space that’s boring and unimaginative. Pink is a natural bedfellow to neutral colors and pairs beautifully with charcoal gray, warm earthy tones, and crisp whites. It lifts the space and adds interest to it without overwhelming it in any way.

Work With Accessories

You’ve already got a theme going and don’t want to change things up too much? Fall back on the time-tested strategy of using accessories to brighten things up. Pick up drapes that have a pink trim, a couple of blush pink cushion covers, or a nice peony-colored throw for the couch. They allow you to integrate colorful accents into your existing set up while saving you from making a permanent commitment.


Make a Statement

If you’re in a daring mood, don’t hesitate to bring in bold pieces that match your flamboyant personality. So, go ahead – pick up that high back fuchsia chair for your study, spread out that patterned rug with a hint of rose in the living room, and flaunt that neon pink couch in your media room to give your place a nice, rosy shake-up.  

Create a Soothing Bedroom

Soft pinks are a great choice for bedrooms. It’s an extremely relaxing color and is known to promote a calm and restful feeling. We’re not saying that you have to paint the walls pink to get a good night’s rest. A faux silk bedspread in soft pink paired with couple pieces of blush pink bedding and shams will do just as well. They may be small additions to your bedroom, but they can visibly perk up space and create a timeless look in your snooze chamber.


Spice Up Your Bathrooms

“What? Pink in the bathroom? I don’t want it to look like a girls’ shower room!”


Well, firstly – that’s not what a girl’s shower room looks like. Secondly, there are plenty of ways in which you can bring in a touch of pink without harming the sophistication of the space.

For example, a white marble sink against a millennial pink statement wall will really make the space pop. If you want to tame it down, consider a mosaic tile backsplash in soft pink. You can also pair hot pink with black to create a dramatic feel or use a combination of orange and hot pink to create a high energy vibe in the bathroom.

Go Metallic Pink

For something that’s even more subtle, consider pink in its metallic form. Also known as rose gold, the color has taken the world by storm and rose gold hardware in the kitchen and bathroom looks very chic and very rich. It’s easy to switch out the taps and the faucets and the quickest way to transform the space almost instantaneously. Other quick additions could include chandeliers, light fixtures, and pendant lamps in the same hue.

Now that we’ve explored the options to get you on the pink bandwagon, let’s invite this color home and open our hearts and minds to it. You just might be surprised by how much it unleashes the cheerful spirit of your home.


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