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Outdoor Kitchen: Innovative, Beautiful, & Wow!

As a concept, outdoor kitchens aren’t all that popular in India. Although it is an idea that has charmed many, one of the main reasons why these projects don’t take off is the weather. It’s either too hot, too cold, too dusty, or too wet to make it a viable option.

If you can work your way around these problems, we’ve got some great design ideas you could use as inspiration.

Enclosed Kitchen in Balcony

Those who don’t have a patio can use a balcony to fashion something along these lines. It will allow you to make the most of a beautiful weather while keeping you and the kitchen appliances protected, when the outdoors become a little less pleasant.
Poolside Kitchen

There’s something really beautiful about a poolside setting and people have always enjoyed organizing parties around it. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your home, you can make the most of it by adding an enclosed kitchen by it. If the setting is as beautiful as this one, it will be used a lot more frequently than you imagine.

Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Using your patio to set up an outdoor kitchen is a great way to combine the outdoor with the indoor and get the best of both worlds. Your gadgets stay (more or less) safe from the effects of the weather and when you’re not cooking something, the area could be used for having meals with your family or entertaining friends.


Attention to details

Luxury lies in small details. Decorate every nook and corner of the outdoor kitchen like a connoisseur. Candles, lanterns, vases, flowers, jars, boxes: the world of beauty is at your helm.

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