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Offbeat Bookshelves for the Bibliophile’s Soul

Bibliophiles are forever hoarding books, irrespective of whether they’re going to read them immediately or months later. If you’re one of them, you’re well aware of the problem every reader’s faces, which is the lack of space to store their gorgeous hardcovers and paperbacks in. No matter how many corners you dedicate to creating those cozy reading nooks, they never seem to be enough.

Besides, with the number of creative bookshelves we see these days, it’s hard to stop at a few. Gone are those simple designs and traditional library-like cabinets with glass doors. There are several swanky designs that not only look aesthetically pleasing but are also great space-savers. So, not only do you have the joy of seeing your favorite books neatly arranged all in a row, but you can also upgrade the X-factor of your room, with a few interesting buys.

If you want to give your home a spin that’s a mix of nerdy and classy, you should definitely consider these offbeat bookshelves that are perfect for all the readers out there.

The WaveStack

This bookshelf reminds you of playful beach waves and is a perfect addition to your posh villa by the sea. Even if you’re far removed from the ocean, the gentle curves of this bookshelf will transport you to your favorite beach destination … along with your favorite books, of course.

The Book-tree

A book-tree is basically a bookshelf in the shape of a tree, where the books are kept on its ‘branches’. The shelf is meant to have an organic presence, and can easily be set in the living room or even in the kids’ room. Fun, funky, and fabulous, this is your own way of getting ‘the tree of knowledge’ for your home.

The Sloped & Slanted Bookcase

Quirky to the extreme, this bookshelf is perfect for those you love the abstract element. It may look like something that survived a tornado, but that only goes to add to the shelf’s interest factor. That, and the fact that the books look like they were arranged in a higgledy-piggledy fashion. So much fun!

The Floating Bookshelf

When some of your favorite novels can explore magic, why not incorporate some magical elements in your bookshelf too? These cleverly concealed floating bookshelves do exactly that. To the casual observer, it will look like your books are floating in midair. This addition to your living or study room is bound to kickstart conversations by the dozen!

The Bibliochaise

The ‘Bibliochaise’ combines a bookworm’s two greatest loves – great books and a comfortable place where they can laze and read those books. This chair has racks to house your books, so, it’s almost like you’re sitting on a stack of books (without damaging them, of course). And when you’re done reading, you can put away the book without having to get up from the chair. Isn’t that convenient?

So, the next time you plan on buying or designing a new bookshelf, take these options into account. Not only are they great ways to display your book-loving side, but they also do complete justice to the affection you feel for your wordy companions. Because, if you love them, you should flaunt them!

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