Best Ways to Use Maximalist Design in Your Home


Maxed out, layered, engulfing and soothing – Maximalism is about following the ‘more is more’ concept in home decor. To begin with, this style is definitely not for all. It’s for the bold hearted, the ones who carry a larger than life personality. It’s not just a way of living but also a form of expression. While many have a wrong notion that Maximalism is all about cluttering your home with all that you like, it is actually the art of editing that makes you a well-expressed Maximalist.

So if you are someone who feels suffocated in a spacious and airy room, if you can’t really pick a favorite color (because obviously, you love them all) and if your friends think you are a borderline hoarder then you might be a Maximalist. Read on to find the three important tips to keep in mind while getting a maximalist Home Décor.


Maximalism-Layering the right way

Maximalism - Layering the right way

Layering is all about creating a visual balance in your room. Too much of imbalance might spoil the scene, creating the disturbance. To distribute the weight and bring in symmetry in terms of the scale, prints, patterns, and colors of the home decoratives being used.

Infuse richness and depth by layering the room with home decoration items like designer sculptures, bold art, traditional heirlooms, travel mementos and personal collection of everything that you have value.


One at a time-maximalism

One at a time- maximalism

Following Maximalism doesn’t mean you have to bring in all the elements in one go. It’s a process that takes time to complete. Add all the house decorative items that you have curated one at a time, sit back and see the journey of your home from being a blank canvas to a beautiful and captivating artwork.


style mantra- maximalism

style mantra- maximalsim

Expressing yourself through your designs is one of the ways Maximalism works. An eclectic style that blends periods, eras, cultures, and traditions bring out the tastes and likes of the timeless collector in you. Go for darker shades, and add pops of bright prints and patterns at unexpected places. Have you ever considered upholstering your walls? Well, a maximalist would even do that. A playful combination of these will seem soothing even when there is an explosion of colors.

Create intricacy and detail, that’s where you differ from the rest. It’s not always about matching, its about layering and bringing together things that are surprisingly cohesive. Be experimental, get a home that encompasses you with its familiarity and calmness even in its visual chaos.

Image courtesy: Apartment therapy, My domaine, One Kings Lane


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