How to Make Open Concept Homes Cozy, Comfortable & Distinctive

How to Make Open Concept Homes Cozy, Comfortable & Distinctive

More and more homes are moving towards open concept floor plans because people are simply loving the casual and inviting vibe they have. With spaces that flow uninterrupted and no walls to inhibit your design aspirations, these airy and cheerful homes are truly becoming the darlings of everyone around the globe.

However, doing away with walls is the easy part. While you might enjoy its airiness initially, you’ll come to realize the limitations of these plans. In a traditional home, walls help create individual rooms. In an open concept home, you essentially have one individual space and delineating the different corners, like the conversation area, reading nook, or study area, requires a fair bit of ingenuity.

Most people tend to go overboard in their rigid demarcation of different ‘rooms’ as it were, and the end result is a chaotic, confused mess. On the other hand, there are those who play it too safe and the entire home ends up looking the same. Instead of areas or corners that have a distinctive personality, you have one room with an oddball collection of furniture

There are ways to fix this mistake. Start by choosing a neutral color palette for the walls because it allows for the most flexibility when it comes to decorating. Complement this by laying the same type of flooring throughout the house and duplicating the ceiling treatments. Repeat patterns and textures and use similar materials wherever possible. This brings the open space together and helps you read it as a cohesive unit without disrupting the visual flow.

The next thing you do is use distinct elements to define designated areas. Just because you have one open space doesn’t mean that you can’t carve out individual sections or extract multiple functions from the space. Use rugs, lighting, furniture to separate the spaces. For instance, having wooden beams in your kitchen area will visually create a distinction from the dining room. Similarly, layered rugs and sofas arranged in a way that facilitates conversations can set the living room apart from the TV corner.

At the same time, carry style elements from one area of the room into the other to establish that subtle undercurrent of unity. Match the sofa’s fabric to the greyish tones of your appliances. Have brass or copper accents in the dining room to mimic the kitchen’s fittings. In the media corner, pick up a few cushions matching the rug in the reading corner for your lazy boy chair. This is a great way of ensuring that while each space has a character of its own, the house as a whole comes together as a single unit.

Finally, take steps to make your open concept home cozy. Most people feel it’s not possible; that a large expanse of space cannot be imbued with a warm and welcoming vibe. That’s not true. Unlike traditional homes that can start feeling stuffy and claustrophobic all too quickly, open homes can be made to feel really comfy by using the right textures and materials. Bring in some plants, buy soft pillows, throws, and cushions, sprinkle wooden accents throughout the house and invest in mood lighting for different areas and, in no time, your open home will be transformed into a haven of comfort and luxury.

Img. Courtesy: Dering Hall, Elle Decor

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