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Loft Apartments – Around the World

There is something about loft style apartments that has people aspiring for it so much. Maybe it’s the lavish spaciousness, maybe the high ceilings or maybe just the unique open space plan it presents. Ultra-urban and high-end living is what defines this apartment style. With fewer walls and lots of free spaces, its like a blank canvas, you can style it the way you want.

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When it comes to the interiors, the industrial chic is one of the most popular styles used, especially in Manhattan where the loft apartment trend actually began by converting warehouses and industrial spaces into residential homes. However, around the world, people have been embracing this way of living by blending it with their own culture and beliefs.

Minimal Japan:


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The traditional Japanese philosophy of calmness and simplicity is what inspires their interiors. The chic loft homes in Japanese cities are devoid of any unnecessary clutter. Their belief of using the core elements of nature into their spaces stirs spirituality and inner peace.

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Including only the things that are needed and getting rid of non-essential elements lends beauty and meaningfulness to their homes. Clean lines, minimal designs and modern furnishings give a breathtaking effect to the spacious loft apartments here.

Industrial New York:

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The place where it all began. New York is known for its industrial lofts that have taken living in a converted warehouse to a whole new level. Who would have thought that a combination of exposed pipes, hardware, brick walls and rustic furniture would give luxury a whole new meaning.

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The dark shades of different elements used around the décor sets in calming coolness. Elongated areas, floor to ceiling windows and tarnished metal walls seamlessly blends the outdoor with the interior.

Eclectic London:

London loft home- eclectic decor

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A combination of eclectic and classy is what I found in this London loft style home. Its fabulous to begin with. Nothing is simple nor raw and rustic; this style is all about putting together random house decoratives that you love, things that define you and your choices.

London loft home- eclectic decor

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Neutral tones with occasional pop of white keeps the scheme warm and even toned. What works best is the use of modern furnishings, lots of greenery, art and accessories, keeping the space lively and homey.

Loft living has definitely made its presence felt over the past few years with the kind of luxurious and carefree lifestyle it offers. So the next time you plan on reconstructing your home, you know you need to break all the walls first!


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