Living up the High Life: The Most Expensive Suites in India

Living up the High Life: The Most Expensive Suites in India

Hotels have always been an epitome of comfort and indulgence; a milestone of those moments when people decided to take a well-earned break and pamper themselves. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sinking into the lap of luxury and leaving the whole world behind?

Well, that’s how one part of the world lives, peeking into the lives of the rich and famous, and savoring a small slice of it whenever they can. But what about those who are already accustomed to the finest things in life? What do they do when they want to spoil themselves every now then?

Probably check into one of these hotels; because the usual doesn’t cut it fine anymore!

The Tata Suite, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai 

It’s lush, lavish, and comes with a price tag of 10,000,00 rupees per night! Yep, that’s right. There’s no mistake there, no typos, and certainly no extra zeros. The cost is 10 lakh rupees – per night. And what do you get in return – apart from a story to write home about, that is?

Well, for starters, the suite overlooks that Gateway of India and you have the privilege of looking at the expanse of the gently rocking the Arabian Sea whenever you want. Then, there are 15 luxurious rooms spread over 5000 sq. ft. that you have all of the your-peachy-self.

Each room boasts of a vintage vibe, complete with authentic colonial furniture, handwoven silk draperies, and crystal chandeliers. The walls of the suite are equally impressive, adorned with the works of artists like M.F. Hussain, Laxman Shreshtha, and Ram Kumar. As for the floors, they’re made of clear white makrana marble and decorated with hand-knotted carpets. In addition to the host of amenities on offer, guests can unwind in their private spa and follow it up with the finest culinary delights served up by their personal chef. If that doesn’t make you feel like royalty, what will?

Maharani & Maharaja Suite, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace is counted among the largest private residences in the world. And considering that the Maharani and Maharaja suites are the biggest rooms in the hotel, you can imagine just how ginormous they must be – all yours for just 7 lakh rupees per night!

Both these rooms have a distinct personality of their own. The Maharaja room, spread over 4200 square feet, uses earthier tones to create a masculine feel. It is decorated with plush Ruhlmann sofas in faux leopard skin, flaming torch lamps in chrome, and murals by artist Stefan Norblin.

The Maharani Suite, on the other hand, is bigger, and decidedly more feminine. Reflecting the personal taste of Maharani Badan Kanwan, it employs pinks, blacks, mirrors, and chrome to create a regal look. All of the original Art Deco décors has been preserved, including the bath carved out of pink Italian marble.

Is it any wonder that all previous occupants of these suites, including Dalai Lama, Prince Charles, Naomi Campbell, and Shakira left super impressed? Elizabeth Hurley went so far as to call it the most glamorous suite she’s ever visited! We hear you, Elizabeth, we hear you.

Kohinoor Suite, Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

If Taj Mahal is the pride and joy of India, only one suite in one hotel is able to do justice to your stay in Agra – the Kohinoor Suite at Oberoi Amarvilas. Located less than a kilometer from the East gate, Amarvilas is the closest hotel to the Taj Mahal. The hotel’s design is heavily inspired by Indian palaces of the yesteryears and features colonnaded courts and pavilions, huge reflecting pools, and perfectly manicured terrace gardens. Even the fountains resemble the ones that are seen in grounds of the Taj Mahal.

While all rooms are tastefully designed to recreate the royal experience, the jewel of the establishment is the Kohinoor suite. It features all the amenities you would expect from a room that features the hefty price tag of 7.5 lakh rupees per night – private open-air terraces, teak wood floors, custom-made lamps, hand-woven carpets, and upholstered furniture.

But the piece de resistance is the wall-to-wall windows that offer views of the Taj Mahal from each and every room. There’s no missing the eighth wonder of the world from any corner of the room, whether you’re enjoying a peaceful soak in the bathroom or tucking yourself in for the day in the plush king size bed. Now how many can make that claim?

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