Kangana Opts A House-In-The-Hills Vibe for Her Renovate Khar Property

Kangana Opts for A House-In-The-Hills Vibe for Her Recently Refurbished Khar Property

Kangana Ranaut – A lady to whom acting comes as effortlessly as walking slap bang into controversies! She’s fascinated all of us with her vivacious personality and earned our respect with her performance in movies like Gangster, Fashion, Queen, Tanu Weds Manu, and, the more recent, Rangoon.

Never one to pull punches, Kangana is notorious for speaking her mind in the most politically incorrect fashion possible. Her statements have landed her into trouble on more than one occasion, but she’s managed to walk past all of them with an impish smile and the toss of her curls!

Given her exuberant personality, the decor of her house comes as something of a surprise. Sticking to a largely white theme, the place exudes warmth and tranquility – not the first two words that come to mind when you’re talking about the actress herself. But when you discover that the house has been designed keeping in mind Kangana’s Himachali roots, it all starts to make sense.

Located in Khar, the 5-BHK house has been designed by Richa Bahl. Kangana apparently wanted “a bit of mountain flavor, with a lot of greenery and color,” undoubtedly reminiscent of the time she spent growing up in the gorgeous mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

As you walk up to the main entrance, you’re greeted by a beautiful blue door designed by Richa. Custom-made marble inlay flooring leads the way into the actress’ sanctuary that’s in part earthy and in part scintillating.

The living room is charmingly laid out and the niches are a signature Richa Bahl design motif. However, the one thing that catches your fancy immediately is the Marilyn Monroe light that has been designed by Kangana herself.

The sprawling bedroom (made by combining two of the bedrooms) is the actress’ favorite room in the house. In addition to a gorgeous four poster bed, there’s also a reading nook, with a plush sofa and a quilted ottoman. Sigh!

The rest of the house is just as fetchingly decorated, with wooden beamed ceilings and rustic walls. In every nook and corner, you bump into something interesting that grabs your attention. An old gramophone, quirky photo frames, room dividers with artwork, posters, and other artefacts vie for your attention as you move from room to room of this national award winner’s house.

The lived-in look, which imparts a sense of comfort, is in sharp contrast to some of the more glamorous homes we’re used to seeing in Bollywood. But then again, we’ve come to expect the unusual from Kangana Ranaut. She comes as a breath of fresh wave in an otherwise stereotypical industry and her home reflects all of that and more.

Images courtesy: https://www.architecturaldigest.in/content/kangana-ranaut-queen-castle/#s-cust0


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