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How to Spot a Quality Persian Carpet

Quality Persian carpets aren’t a thing of the past, but they might be in your living room if you don’t know your rugs from your rats. Here are five useful tricks to discern a quality purchase from a bad one on the spot

1.   Good-quality wool has an unctuous, plush feel to it. Scratch the surface: Loose wool bits on your hands are a bad sign.

2.   A thick rug does not mean it is of good quality. However there is more than a fine line between that and a thread-bare piece.


3.     Synthetic dye is a new-fangled feature. Mature pieces employed vegetable dye that are obvious through their variations in hue throughout the carpet.

4.   Good rugs lie flat without hardened or curling edges, wrinkles or ripples.

5.   Rugs manufactured in Pakistan, India, Nepal or Afghanistan are not Persian, but Oriental carpets, including those beautiful kilim rugs (view the latest kilm-inspired cushion collection from Address Home if you favour this style). Head to Iran, a country that supplies three quarters of the world’s hand-woven carpet making it the largest producer in the business.


Image Courtesy: nizalalantiquerugs

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