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How to Set Cutlery for Fine Dining Occasions

Most of us break into a cold sweat at the idea of organizing a fine dining affaire at home. Where does that go? How do you place the glasses? How many items of silverware are there supposed to be on the table?


Here’s a quick guide to arranging the cutlery like a professional. With this, forks, knives, and other tableware will never confuse you again.

  1. Dinner plates should be right at the center of the table setting and on top of it, you place the napkin.

  1. The forks go to the left. Fish forks, on the other hand, are kept to the right along with knives, which are followed by the spoons.

  1. Above the dinner plate, you will place the dessert spoon and dessert fork with the spoon facing the left and the fork facing the right. If you don’t want to complicate matters, you can bring these in when you serve dessert.

  1. The bread plate goes on the upper left side of the plate while the water and wine glasses are on the upper right.


There you go – the basics of setting a formal table simplified for you. Now, whip up some gastronomic delights for your friends and family to enjoy and revel in the glory of a job well done.

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