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Tips on Styling your Home with Mirrors

Mirrors are an extremely versatile accessory for any home. Not only do they bring out the décor of the house, but also hold significance spiritually. No matter how you place a mirror or where you place it, it brings a completely new look to any space.

Home styling with mirrors

Here are five ways of styling your home with mirrors:

 1. Headboard:

The Mirrored glass as a headboard is just another way of adding a touch of style to your bedroom. It widens the room visually and makes it look a lot more spacious. - headboard-with-mirror-and-shelves

2. Wardrobe or Almirah:

A mirrored glass on either of these two items of the furniture serves two purposes. First, it reflects light into the entire room which, in turn, brings a fresh vibe to space. Secondly, it works as a vanity mirror for the room.

 nordicbliss - Nordic-Bliss-Scandinavian-interior

3. Desk:

Although it sounds too experimental in nature, a quirky way to use a mirror as an accessory is to keep it on top of a desk. This desk can be placed anywhere in the house depending upon its size. Apart from acting as a vanity mirror, it elevates the design ethos of your space.

 Greg Natale - contemporary-hall

4. Kitchen cabinets:

A mirrored glass on cabinet doors can enlarge the size of the kitchen. In addition to this, they bring variety to the otherwise utilitarian décor of this part of the house.

 Celia James - contemporary-dining-room

5. Outdoors:

Decorating the patio or the verandah with mirror can really perk up this otherwise forgotten space. A small window-like mirrored glass is apt to bring out the overall feel of your outdoor space.

 Harrison's Landscaping - contemporary-patio

6. Bathrooms:

Personal spaces define our personalities. Using stylish mirrors to do up these forgotten spaces will instantly add glam to your entire house leaving your guests with a new admiration in their eyes for you.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, so where’s the most style of all!

Happy decorating!


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