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How to Host The Perfect New Year Bash

What better way to ring in the New Year than with a perfectly hosted bash at home? No worries about parking, no jostling with the crowd, no waiting for your order, and no bad music playing in the background. That’s a welcome change from the regular parties you’ve been attending in those packed-to-the-brim hotels and restaurants all these years, right?

But planning a party can be stressful, especially and a new year celebration. There are so many things that can go wrong, and if you aren’t careful, you may end up welcoming 2019 with soggy snacks and lukewarm drinks. Eeeps, not nice!

Well, let’s ensure you have a great bash this year. We’re bringing you some tried and tested tips for throwing the smoothest party experience. Be it a themed event or a casual come-as-you-are gig, we are here to hold your hand and help you have a good time.

Plan, Plan, Plan Away …

Planning is your best friend if you hope to pull off a party without a glitch. The key is to start early, at least a couple of weeks before the D-day. This gives you enough time to accomplish almost everything you’ve set out to achieve, with no last-minute disasters stealing your thunder.

Use a spreadsheet to list the major tasks, like food, drinks, and decorations. Now, draw out detailed sub-lists under various task heads and mark the tentative deadlines in front of them. If you’ve got other people helping you, delegate the tasks to them and tick off each milestone when it’s done. This will allow you to visually track your progress and identify any gaps in planning that need to be plugged.

Let’s Invite Some Guests …

People are the life and soul of a party and the success of any gala depends on having just the right number and the right kind of people. So, first things first – how many people are you going to invite? If you’re opening up your entire house for the party, you can invite more people. However, just a garden or a terrace will bring down the number. Keep these factors in mind and plan the guest list accordingly.

Secondly, how many people are you comfortable hosting? If you’re not fond of large gatherings, don’t get ambitious. A small, cozy get-together where you’re in your element will be a bigger success than a free for all that leaves you feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed. That said, if you’re confident of pulling off a grand event, go for it and have the time of your life.

The next hurdle is who to invite. We’d recommend keeping the guest list exclusive. Don’t invite anybody and everybody you happen to be acquainted with. Have a healthy mix of outgoing people and the quiet, shy types. This will ensure that you always have a merry hum of conversation going and there are few awkward minutes of silence ruining the evening.

Ambiance Speaks Volumes …

Getting a house or a garden party-ready is as easy as it is fun. Since a New Year’s bash lasts only a day, go for quick embellishments to your existing décor. Hang garlands of glittery stars and circles to make for that beautiful dreamy space as they twirl and reflect light in all directions. A fail-safe combination of purple, black, and gold can be used in various ways to make the place look decadent. A purple throw with gold edging will give your sofa a facelift. Pepper the carpets with black and gold floor cushions and similar ones can go onto your garden furniture.

Nothing sets the mood like perfect lighting. Remember to turn down brightness everywhere you expect your guests to wander. Make sure the powder rooms are dim too. Fairy lights and candles are a perfect way to create soft haloes for a warm, fuzzy feeling. Scented candles work wonderfully to add to the aura of a place. Use votives of a similar color palette for your scented candles. Let that warm fragrance flow through the room and give the party that additional kick!

Music to The Ears …

Music is integral to set the mood of the party, so pay special attention to it. Instead of making it an afterthought, Set up the sound system a couple of days in advance. Your speakers should be spread around the entire party area. Walk around to check the sound quality and move the speakers to make adjustments as you feel fit.

Also, make a playlist in advance. Take into consideration your guests’ preferences when you’re putting the music together. Don’t necessarily go with the pop culture or what’s trending if your friends prefer opera and symphonies. And for a mixed crowd with varied tastes, have a good mix of genres so that everyone is at ease.

Let There Be Scrumptious Food …

Wise people swear that the way to any heart is through the stomach, and we don’t disagree. Besides, what’s merrymaking without feasting, right?

To design the correct menu, find out if any of your potential diners have any allergies and kick those food items off the menu. Next, decide what sort of a party you want to host – a formal sit-down or a casual graze-as-you-mingle? This will help you narrow down your menu items. If your event is casual, we suggest a smart combination of multiple hors-d’oeuvres and a few casserole type dishes. Large spreads with immaculate cutlery and tableware will work well for a more formal sit-down party.

Beverages are a tricky business. Whichever style of party your’s is, a self-serve bar is always a great idea. That way you don’t have to hover around to make sure your guests are well-watered. This is also a good idea for the shy ones who can help themselves to their choice of drinks. You may offer that one special cocktail to show off your mixing skills, but mostly let the guests do the pouring.

Those Other Little Things…

A gathering of people means parking trouble. Scout your area and earmark ample parking space for your guests. Hire a valet service and inform them about any parking related rules that must be followed. That’s one little thing taken care of.

Trash and dishes pile up quickly when there’s a get-together. Choose nice-looking wastepaper baskets, and place them at strategic points throughout the place. Make sure they are lined with garbage bags for hassle-free cleaning. Dishes can be stowed into a dishwasher or neatly piled up in deep washing tubs. They will remain out of sight and you won’t have to worry about how bad it looks.

Follow these smart planning tips and your party is sure to rock and roll. Above all remember to relax. Take a long soaking bath before your guests arrive and are at your glowing best. Wish you a very happy year to come!

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