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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Dining Decor at Home

Who can think of Christmas and New Year’s without bringing up images of lavish spreads and scrumptious meals? After all,  it is the time for wining, dining, and indulging in sinful delicacies. Families reconnect and friends plan get-togethers and girlfriends organize potlucks to make the most of this festive season.

Since food plays such an important role in the holidays, it only makes sense that the dining table takes centerstage and be given due importance in these coming days. Here are some great ideas on how you can set that perfect holiday table and make each gathering a super success.

First things first, deck the halls …


Christmas and New Year are incomplete without a generous sprinkling of evergreens throughout the house, so bring in the hemlock, the cedar, and the pine and deck the halls with them. For those of us who have no access to such beauties (darn city life!), we’ll have to settle for faux greens. And although they might not be as beautiful as the real things, they really do make the place come to life.

Go Completely Opulent


If you’re looking to make a grand impression on your guests … well, we doubt if it gets any grander than this. Gold meets gold meets more gold to create a visual of such brilliance that your guests will have no option but to rub their eyes, retrieve their jaws from the floor, and wonder if they haven’t been transported to a fantastical realm altogether.

Or, Revel in Minimalism


There’s beauty in simplicity, a rare grace that soothes the eyes and calms the mind. Looks at this table dressed in white and gold. Is it not elegant? Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re attending an affaire in a royal palace? Our Pierre Dinner Set, designed for exactly such occasions, is just the thing you need to complete the look!

A Generous Dash of Red


Give a dramatic twist to the holiday season by using bold red flowers and accessories. If you aren’t sure of using this color throughout the dining room, have one grand centerpiece. Look at the one in the picture above, for example. It’s a simple enough decoration – bright red Christmas ornaments, tinsel, and berry sprigs arranged around a white candle in a clear hurricane vase – but the effect it creates is nothing short of spectacular.

Do Something Different


Who says Christmas has to be only about red, green and gold. Let’s walk  the off-beaten path and be a little more daring in our choice of holiday theme. Take this lovely table setting in the picture above. The unusual blue, complemented by white cotton balls, recreates the feel of being in a winter wonderland and lends a contemporary feel to traditional celebrations. And with the right dinner set to match the theme, you’re ready to get the party rolling.

It’s in the Small Things

Pinched for time or simply not inclined to do anything elaborate this year? Never mind. Small enhancements can have a huge impact as well.

a) Dress up your chairs with a simple red bow and attach sprigs of green or a small bell to the bow.


b) Tell guests where they can sit by getting creative with their name tags. Write their name on paper and secure it to the chair using a colorful string or ribbon. For added effect, attach a fragrant sprig, like eucalyptus, to their name tag.


c) Something as simple as placing a silver pinecone atop a white napkin, with the name of the guest added on craft paper can act as a sweet surprise.

 d) Take any regular napkin holder and glue a flower onto it. They are pretty easy to make and you can find any number of tutorials online helping you with that. Once the festive season is over, you simply have to remove the flower and keep it aside for another occasion.


There are innumerable ways to create the perfect decor for the holiday season, but it all boils down to what you’d like to do. Now go decide where your heart lies this year and start making preparations. And, don’t forget to have a spectacular time. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.





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