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The Hottest Trends in Luxury Travel for 2019

Who wouldn’t like to kick back and go on a trip for a thorough indulgence? Flying first-class, fine dining, a relaxing spa, and a little bit of soul searching is everybody’s ideal getaway. And the travel trend in the year 2019 indicates that luxury travel is on the rise with more people opting for vacations filled with richness.

So, what are the hottest trends that we’ve seen this year?

Glamping is the New Camping

luxury travel glamping

A combination of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’, the name of this trend says it all. The picture conjured up of regular camping isn’t appealing to a lot of people – basic tents, unsophisticated bonfire dinner, and not-so-comfortable sleeping bags. And, of course, it is the hardest when nature calls. The concept of Glamping is where glamour meets camping. Travelers can experience wildlife up close without missing out on any of the comforts from a regular vacation. What’s not to love about that.


Cruises, Romantic Getaways & Destination Celebrations

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Honeymoons and 25th wedding anniversaries have always been associated with traveling. These days, the hotels are getting fancier and the destinations are getting more exotic. Apart from this, romantic getaways have also picked up steam. Young couples are traveling together more often and beautiful resorts with Instagram worthy luxurious facilities are a favorite choice. Cruises also are back in vogue and a favorite choice amongst travelers who want to experience some magic watching a golden sunset while sipping on fine wine.


Solo Trips for the Soul

solo travel

Another trend that has seen the significant rise in popularity is going on solo trips. The purpose of the trip can be anything from wanting to have complete control of your itinerary to do some soul-searching. Depending on the purpose of the trip, the requirements change but it is still food for the soul. Travelers go on solo African safari trips to feel liberated and awed by the natural beauty and the decadent resorts. Or they visit places like Rajasthan that offers a taste of Indian culture and cuisine with a regal touch. And who doesn’t like regal, right?


Private Jets and All That Jazz

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If we’re talking about feeling royal, flying on a private jet will probably take the cake. With an itinerary prepared according to the traveler’s wishes and services that equal top-tier hotels’, more people are now flying the high-end way.


Good Healing with Rejuvenation Trips

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With more people climbing the corporate ladder, there are more people who are saddled with stress. So, every once in a while they like to take off on a holiday to revitalize their body and soul. Resorts with spas and hot springs have become an instant hit with people looking for rejuvenation and wellness during such trips.


Goals in Your Trips

Whether it’s rafting in level 4 rapids in Colorado River, USA, scaling a peak in Japan, or going cycling through various cities in Italy, achieving goals through physical exertion during one’s trip is the new trend. The idea is that through the challenge one sees themselves and the destinations in a new light.


Home Away from Home


A growing culture while traveling today is to look for places that offer the feeling of home. Because what feels cozier than that? Companies like Airbnb provide exactly that. It brings together homeowners and travelers by providing accommodation to travelers in privately owned homes. Not only do travelers enjoy the comfort of an established home, but they can also experience something offbeat like living in a private treehouse or chilling on a villa on a beach.


While traveling is something that will never go out of vogue, traveling trends come and go. So which luxury trip will you go on this year?


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