Home Accessories Trends That Are Sweeping Across Homes in 2019

Home Accessories Trends That Are Sweeping Across Homes in 2019

A home is a reflection of our personality, which shines through in the way you do up space. While most tend to pay attention to the theme and color, your selection of décor items is extremely telling as well. Let’s just say, home accessories are like pieces of jewelry, and no interior design is complete without that perfect selection of decor items.

The year 2019 is going to have some pretty cool trends in the home accessories department. If you’d like to stay in sync with whatever is happening around the world, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Loving the Greens

Its plants, plants, and more plants all the way this year. Potted plants of every possible shape, size, and variety are making an appearance in so many interior design projects. Coffee tables, mantlepiece, study rooms, even bathrooms are coming to life with a select assortment of plants and no room, hallway or stairway can be declared finished without a sprinkle of leafy greens.

Live walls are also a rage this year and space crunch is sending our little, green friends up the wall, literally. Vertical gardens, apart from being a practical solution to the paucity of space in the city, are quite stunning to look at. Depending upon the amount of natural light your home receives, your decorator can recommend the varieties of plants for your vertical garden. In most cases, these gardens require little maintenance and do wonders for your Kerb app, not to mention your state of mind.

If you want a hassle-free splash of green, get our versatile Moss Pebble Set. Just place them on your side table to give your room an instant uplift.

Boho Bonhomie and Art Déco

Yes, yes, people, you can get back to having fun with that Boho chic look. We all love a good mix of modern and classic, and luckily for you, that is the look for interiors this year. So enjoy yourselves as you poke around in your attic for your favorite old vase or tea set. Our Boho Marrakech and Fergana Cushions are a perfect addition to the Boho vibe.

Contributing hugely to this look is the return of Art Déco – the style that blends functionality with stylish accents. From wall art to dinnerware, the Art Déco style is everywhere in form, shape or motif. Check out our Art Déco inspired dinnerware – the Deco Truck Square Platters are style with function all the way.

Gems and Jewels

Interiors around the posh world are going to be predominantly white this year, creating the perfect canvas for beautiful accessories that are bright, colorful, and sporting jewel tones. Flaming reds, deep corals, bright greens, and rich tones of blue must be your go-to colors when picking out accessories this year.

It’s easy to bring this element to your existing decor, and fun. Sofa cushions in bright colors add to the vibrant feel this look creates. The Rayures Pleated Orange & Peony Pink Velvet Cushion Cover and Clara Burgundy Cushion Cover are great buys because they so resemble real gems. Our Kent Tea-light Holders in ruby red and flaming orange is also perfect to add that pop of color in a room. Vases and jars are always great to add that special interest, and our Izmit Teal Jar does that job brilliantly.

Velvets with Whimsical Tassels

The design world is going all out on velvet fabrics with tassels and fringes in 2019. You will see these whimsical trims everywhere. Garments, shoes, fashion, and home accessories, they all must have fringes or similar trims.

So bring on that passementerie and go to work on your curtains and cushions and table runners and what have you. A silky braided edging with a bulbous tassel on your throw is so boho chic. Or why not tack on tassels to your floor cushions or dinner napkins with fringes? Oh, there are so many ways to spice up your regular textile products with the right trims!

And if you don’t want to make all that effort, we have some lovely velvet cushions with fringe and tassel details, like the Cygne Teal Velvet Cushion and the Mia Velvet Cushion Collection.

Brass for my Bath

This year, go for brass fittings in your bathroom. Concrete and dark colors are in for bathrooms this year and it’s only natural that the classic brass fittings are back. If you find changing all the bathrooms taps a bit much, why not just change the washbasin taps? We use those most often and what a wonderful feeling it is to see a gleaming faucet in the morning for a bright start of your day.

A quick change of the vanity mirror can also work wonders. Just replace your regular mirror with one that is framed in brass. Let the subtle gleam add a touch of elegance to your most personal time as you get ready each day.

Home accessories give us joy and almost always have a lovely backstory. This year’s trends will make homes around the world look even more special, so feel free to share these insightful tips with your friends and family. Have a wonderful time decorating!

Picture Credits: Jane Lockhart, The Design Hunters, Mily Henderson, Boca Do Lobo, Amy Smith

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