How to Incorporate Gold Color Home Decoration | Decorating with Gold


Incorporating Gold tones in your Home decor is always a little tricky. It brings in a certain chic factor if done right, but can go completely bizarre if overdone.  When bringing it in into your decor, the metallic charm is definitely going to bring in some sheen. If gold is what you would like to experiment with in your decor this season, but still like to keep it modern, consider these tips:

1. Upholstery

Usher in shades of gold in your upholstery and follow the trend in your drapery, cushions, and carpets. Using copper-gold in the front against lighter drapes and carpets will give a rich layered look to space. In order to make the gold look tasteful and not gaudy, it is important to strike a balance in the tones used. If you cherish Indian handicraft nothing can be more elegant than Zardozi (gold embroidery) on your cushions.

2. Accessories

Smaller accessories like vases, candle holders especially ones with antique looks will enhance the charm of your space. A nice golden photo frame on a side table is a valuable add-on.  These accessories should be used along few non-metallic or matt finished products to keep the look understated.

3. Walls

You can pull off the very chic gold stripe wall look on any wall in your bedroom. Gold Tiles are quite in trend for Dining spaces and kitchen. Go for a few small pieces of wall decor on neutral walls if you want to go for small changes.

4. Lighting

Nothing can beat the looks of a standalone gold illuminator. Otherwise, choose gold lined chandeliers or pendant lights to add elements of opulence to the room. Incorporating a golden glow of indirect light on the ceiling or the wall panel can just never go wrong.

If you are into a rustic look, bring in gold candles and lanterns in various sizes to hang around the porch or the living area.

5. Headboard

Golden fabric over your headboard looks awesome. You can nudge with the size and have the headboard covering a large or a small area as per preference. Using some white, grey or light brown in the scheme will play wonderfully well in the overall scheme.

Try introducing few gold elements in your living using these tips, and see how they work for your space.

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