Furniture Trends for 2019: What’s In & What’s Out

Furniture Trends for 2019: What’s In & What’s Out

Our living spaces are constantly evolving, changing with our understanding of the space, our needs, and sometimes our moods. If you’re looking to do up your home a little differently this year or you’ve got a major renovation project on your hands, let the furniture trends of 2019 guide you. That way, not only do you end up with a beautiful house, you also have the pleasure of staying current with the times and not fall back on the aesthetics that are outdated and old-fashioned.

Bespoke Furniture Design

Interior designers the world over have long lamented the havoc that factory made furniture pieces have wreaked on their designs. But now, handmade furniture is finally receiving its due. The uniqueness that custom built furniture brings to any home is greatly sought after these days. And, in keeping with this shift, Interior designers have started collaborating with artisans who specialize in a distinctive style that reflects in their pieces.

It’s time you find yourself a wood crafter who can lend his personal touch to your décor and you can have a one-of-a-kind piece bespoke to your tastes. Because why would you want to get an armoire that seven hundred other people have picked up from that popular furniture store anyway?

Simple Silhouettes for Enhanced Functionality

People everywhere are wishing for simple and calming influences in their lives. This is clearly reflected in the kind of furniture that is being sought out. Straight lines, clean silhouettes, and minimalistic trims are the order of the day. Easily navigable, this furniture trend is becoming popular as the function takes precedence over form. Convertible interiors are fun and their shape-shifting nature add quirk to an otherwise minimal décor. A-symmetrical geometric forms help enhance the bare beauty of simplistic silhouettes. A flourish of softness is brought on by armchairs and sofas with sweeping curves done up in rich furnishings.

Art Deco Style is Back With a Bang

Though furniture styles have adopted the more straightforward form this year, when it comes to materials and finishes, one cannot miss the significant presence of the Art Deco movement. This is one art movement that has left the longest lasting impression on all things architecture and interiors.

Ornate, yet elegant, with its glossy patina finishes and mixed metals, this style is among the most glamorous of décor types. The emblematic mingling of the natural elements with geometrics will be the look found on furnishings and upholstery. This is reflected in the return of leaves, branches, floral patterns, and animal prints placed in juxtaposition with chevrons and trapezoidal weaves.

Also making repeated appearances are classic bar carts. This used to be a quintessential accessory for the flawless serving of drinks and it is now becoming increasingly popular. An all metal body, preferably gold or bronze, glossy or matt, is essential to pull off the vintage Art Deco look.

Furniture is all set to take on an opulent Gatsbyesque outlook with generous amounts of metallic components. We are talking high gloss golden handles, burnished bronze table legs, and gilded framework. So much pizzaz!

Vintage Styles and Antique Finishes are Back

The bed is the most intimate item of furniture we own. And boy, do we have great news for all those who love to spend time hibernating on their beds. Those impressive four-poster beds that were once reserved for palatial homes and bungalows are making a comeback!

Having shed their heavy and dark wooden cloistered look, the modern canopy beds have sleek metallic or wooden posts and there is either none or a very minimalist tester held up by the four posts. Another fabulous element being resurrected is the luxe headboard. Plush and brightly colored headboards are all the rage this year and the aim is to maximize coziness in the sleeping quarters.

An Artist’s Gleeful Palette

Somber color coordinates are thankfully bidding us adieu, and a not moment too soon. The world over, the desire for cheer and happiness has taken over all fields of design. And nothing brings more joy than a bouquet of bright cheerful colors splashed all over generously.

Furniture is being completely enveloped in beautiful jewel tones with bright yellows, delicious greens, fiery reds and oranges, and resplendent blues stepping in to claim the audience’s approval. The unforgettable Memphis design style is taking over the furniture industry. Deep dark tones of natural wood, like blush and burnt oak, are a hot favorite for the frames of your sofas and chairs. The beauty of these natural grained woods is set off primly with polychromatic use of ornamental primary colors.

Plush Fabrics with Subtle Trims

Furniture trend forecasts are simply incomplete without a comprehensive look at complimentary furnishing fabrics. So here’s a look at the direction fabrics have taken his year. Keeping line with the opulent Art Deco style and kaleidoscopic color palette, we are excited to see that velvets are the front runners for designers all over the world. The silky texture of velveteen fabrics appeals to our tactile senses, thus bringing on a sense of serenity and calm. This beautiful sheen of this fabric lends itself flawlessly to the bright jewel tones that are totally in now. Adding to this burst of cheer is the delicate use of fringes and tassels. Other minimalistic detailing, like contrast stitch details and fringed seams, elevate the look and feel of your furniture.

Furniture design and redesign is an expensive proposition and we understand that it’s not always feasible to have complete replacements. But great transformations can be achieved by small changes that you can easily incorporate in your current set up. Run with the ideas that most suit your style and you will most certainly be over the moon with the results. Happy re-furbishing to you!

Picture Credits: Swoon Worthy, Interior Zine, Frame web, Decor Aid

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